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I am

I am the shadow, that moves in the night,
the one you thought you saw, and fills you with fright.

I am the swift, your imagination,
you call me evil, an abomination.

Compared to humans, I am much higher,
I am the next step, I am Vampire.

You are my sheep, on which I prey,
I'm the lord of the night, I sleep by day.

Vampire I am, I feed off you,
weak you are, you are my food.

My fangs are sharp, my muscles of steel,
I have eternal life, I am surreal.

One day... we will rise.
It will be no longer hide.

But for now, I don't exist,
just a faint memory, I'm just a myth.

Next time you thought, that you saw something,
it might be me, or the leaves rustling.

I'd grown bored of the scenery and setting of my room so left the last few stragglers from the previous nights festivities to their own doings. It was always the in and out. It had gotten to the point when at times I actually doubt that there was anything left in this world able to perk and keep my interest longer than a span of 24 hours. Actually, I'd be content with half that time.

The humans that filtered in and out of here provided intermittent spikes of amusement now and again, and watching the younger generation of vampires learn the ropes proved to have its high-points too. They rarely thought before any bold action was put into play, so all one really had to do was sit back...and wait for the situation to backfire. They'ed either learn from their trials, or end up dead in the process...but even if that was the case, they'd just be used as examples of 'what not to do' for the ones that remained. Still...none of that phased me much, and if it did it was never for a substantial period of time. Or...maybe the word 'substantial' here just takes on a different meaning when the amount of time you have on your hands is forever.

I made my way down to the lower level of the complex in hopes that I'd catch Miss Talos before she became one of those 'examples' I mentioned earlier. She really did have the potential to be great if it wasn't for the inner idiot that showed itself when she didn't get her way. She was a definite hothead, but so am I. The difference between her and myself is the fact that I've learned how to control that...for the most part, yet still get what I want. Her 'people' skills are lacking a bit.

I tilted my head curiously as I approached the cell Danica's pet had called home for weeks. Empty. No signs of ash, so she didn't kill him...or the other way around. Looking down at my feet I noticed two empty blood packages and couldn't help but curl my lip back over my fangs in disgust. Packaged blood...not really one of the things I considered a leap forward. Sure it was easier, faster and a more effective way of getting the product. But those bags did something to the contents... It always tasted funny.

Turning my attention outside the room, I noticed someone approaching. A female. Redhead--human. She stooped just outside the door and fiddled around with a lock of her hair nervously.

"A cell is no place for someone such as yourself, ma'am.", she addressed me...yet focused on the floor.

"I've been subjected to worse." Bending down I picked up one of the bags then walked over to her. "Honest opinion, would you drink anything that came out of this? Well, no...I guess YOU wouldn't, would you? Not yet...maybe eventually."

Turning the bag over I watched the small beads inside collect at one of the fang punctures and caught the product of a single crimson drop on the tip of my finger. Licking the drop off I made another face and shook my head. Dropping the bag once again I sighed. With lightning speed I grabbed the young girl and sank my fangs into her neck as she struggled and screamed. Once I'd drained her of her life I let her limp body fall as well. Running my tongue over my fangs I stared off thoughtfully then nodded in approval.

"Prepackaged doesn't even compare..."

Stepping over her body I exited the room slowly. My senses slightly perked as a familiar scent drifted through the air. No, not little miss death-became-her. Although, somebody should really clean that up.

"Chase..." Turning around I smiled lightly. He always did find his way back home. He's a bit late today, but I guess a watch is kind of difficult to keep on when hands become paws. "You just missed out, but I trust you've had a night full of your own fun."
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