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What’s wrong with the world today? Actually, ‘what’s right with the world today’ might take less time to answer. A girl can’t just hang back and let go of every inhibition for a night without having to worry about the undead blowing it all to high hell?

Alright, so technically I had been waiting around for something even the least bit shady to go down because I was going stir-crazy from boredom. The place was littered with vampires and familiars, but it also had swarms of your regular John and Jane Doe’s. I hated working in such cramped quarters and I doubt the group would respond well to: ‘Pulses on the left. Flat liners on the right’.

Before long, I heard a collective gasp from the crowd and spun round just in time to watch some guy’s body fall to the ground and reduce to nothing but a pile of flaming ash in seconds. I couldn’t help but scoff. Wrong time, I know, but I’ve been waiting here for some action and someone goes and offs one of my potential stress releasers? Dunno if I should thank this person or give them a piece of my mind… Guess I’ll figure that one out once I actually find him/her.

The culprit had booked faster than a bat outta hell with a few tagalongs. Looks like I got what I asked for.

I followed out after the chase and pretty much allowed the gawkers out on the streets to take me where I needed to go. I kept my feet on the ground as the pursuit went skyward over a few rooftops. After a quick turn down into an alleyway, I’d lost all visual of my targets, but could still hear them pretty well. Detaching my compound bow from my belt, I held it out and gave it a quick flick then watched it unfurl. I then reached back over my shoulder and pulled an arrow out of my quiver and loaded it into the bows mount. Taking aim, I watched on as a blonde male finally touched down back on the ground the locked on to one of his chasers. Releasing my grip on the bows cord I let the arrow sail and it connected, resulting in smoldering vampire bits to crumble to the floor.

“Cat nap is over. Up.”

I think the rest of the party was a bit sluggish. So much for vamp speed. Collapsing my bow once more, I exchanged it for the seven shooter holstered to my leg. Much better for close range attacking. Keeping the pistol aimed at him I looked off into the direction he had come from.

“You didn’t happen to stop and count how many you had on you by any chance, did you?”
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