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My voice rung out into reality from the vivid images that were my dreams. Past memories flashed infront of me, things I tried to hold onto to retain my humanity. The things that made me who I was.
I awoke thanks to another shout and found myself in the harsh reality of the world once again. For me it was four steel walls, a steel ceiling and floor and one door being the only way in or out.

I'd been down here for a while now. It had started off as a simple job to work for vampires...sort some stuff out for them, arrange pick ups during the day hours when they couldn't, you know, the simple stuff. But then a vampire called Danica Talos ordered me to kill an innocent human being and I refused.
In return for my mercy I received the curse of the vampire from Danica herself and ever since I have reviled the choices I've made and the thing I've become.

"Why...please let it...let it end"

My cries were barely audible, my throat was so dry and I was so thirsty. But not for water...I needed something much more potent and life giving that simple dihydrogenoxide.
This was my prison until I learned to be what I am, which is NEVER...I'll never give into the demonic curse in my body!

"Never! You hear me! Let me out! LET ME OUT!"

I ran at the wall and pounded on the door as hard as I could.

"LET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!! LET ME OUT!!...let me out!"

I broke down and collapsed to the floor into the fetal position. So pathetic compared to what I had been. I would either die in this place or I would be forced to give in...Danica could do it...she threatens me everyday.

"If you're good today I'll let you have your bag of blood...but if we have a problem like the last time I let you out of your cage then this little girl right here...I will keep alive as you starve...and get more thirsty as the days go bye until the thirst overcomes you totally and then King...then I will send her in to you"

I don't doubt she would do it...but I still try to escape from here. Get away to make something of the wreck I've become.
I heard a heavy clang from the door down the hallway beyond my door and then I heard the familiar clacking of shoes as they approached my position.

And so it starts once more...

((Danica, Danica, wherefore art thou Danica?))
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