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Showdown At Sundown [24 Jan 2006|01:48pm]

As soon as the sun hit below rooftop level the vampire patrol started getting into vehicles with Aidan in the lead. I jumped into the passenger seat of one and pulled on some fingerless gloves. Handy for gripping stuff without losing the finger strength.
Engines started up and they all began driving single file out of the place. Hmm, kinda obvious don't you think?

At crossings they began to disperse taking different routes to the place. Oh, nevermind. I cast my eyes to the sky watching the golden oranges and yellows slowly being replaced by navy blues and then eventually black with white dotted stars everywhere. Then I looked at the remaining clouds covering the moon, trying to reflect the sun's light down on us casting an aura around the clouds.

"I'd say you got about 15 minutes before you have one hell of a guard dog on your hands Aidan. If things don't go as planned I hope your guys are competent enough to tranq enough fluid into him to floor him"

If Aidan responded I wasn't paying too much attention, I was keeping an eye up above because those clouds were like a timer and Chase was the bomb.
Coming close to the target area...oh great, army thinking now, I stood up in the seat of the vehicle, thankfully open topped and judged some distance as we were moving.

"I'll be right back"

I power jumped from the vehicle and landed on the railing of someone's balcony, I jumped again and landed on the rooftops and took off at a run. I wanted to get a better view of things happening before we even thought about stepping inside the place. I hopped over gaps and kept pace with the cars full of vampires until I got to the last building edge before the long distance to the waterview base.

I focused my eyesight around and spotted at least three obvious security cams, if there were hidden ones they were hidden good. I could also see a few heads through the windows and a lot of shadows hitting the back walls. Didn't seem like they were ready for us coming.
I hopped over the edge and fell all the way to the ground landing on both feet and turning around just as some headlights filled my vision. Aidan stopped the car a few centimetres from hitting me and I had to say I was impressed, no screeching brakes.

"Personal opinion?...Easy prey"

I finished with a white-fanged grin.

((Open one, open.....however many there are))
13 -- Bring on the Night

Gather the troops, we got a girl to catch! [15 Dec 2005|01:44am]

Walking down the center of the crowd that had gathered in the lobby I held the helmet in my hand. All of the men and women had been outfitted with a uniform similar to what the SWAT team was wearing, complete with helmets and Kevlar vests. Pointing to four of them as I approached the desk in the lobby I commanded that they followed.

“I want four teams of thirty. Count them out, line them up and get ready to go. “

The four of them began organizing the crowd and I paced the floor waiting for them to finish. Standing in front of the four groups I cleared my throat. Opening up the file on Abigail I held up a picture.

“This is what we are after. Just her. If you don’t want to face Lilith’s wrath she will be brought back alive. Kill the others. We want to draw them to us, out of their headquarters…so you need to catch their attention. Any questions?”

A hand went up I pointed to him. He coughed a little, clearing his throat.

“Who are we up against, sir?”

“A small team of hunters.Obviously the girl, Abigail. She is the daughter of Abraham Whistler, the Daywalkers companion. Hannibal King, he was fortunate enough to meet Abby and get cured...as you all know Danica would love for us to kill him. There are others...” he flipped through the folders holding up the black and white pictures of each of them "Aisha Davids and her very weapon savy cousin Chester. Jacqueline Van Helsing, yes one of those Van Helsings. Colby, last name unknown...he was a familiar in Aussie and ran to the states. Last but not least, Chase....try not to kill him. Lilith might get ticked."

The group looked around at each other nodding and making comment about the targets under their breath. Two more men entered the room dragging in large, black cases. Opening the case I pull out a clip loaded with tranquilizers.

“Like I said, Abigail is left alive.” Pointing to the four group leaders “Make sure everyone has at least one clip full of the tranquilizers.”

((Open to the other baddies in the house...Lilith, Will, Dan and Asher))
9 -- Bring on the Night

How To Be A Team Player [15 Nov 2005|01:32pm]

I figured I would make myself useful by helping Abby go through all the boxes of supplies that had made there way back to HQ. Let me tell you...there was alot. But all..or well alot of it anyway would definitely come in handy. With all the boxes sorted out I moved the boxes of stuff to be taken to pawn shops over by the door. Once those boxes were moved alls that was left was all the stuff that would hopefully come in handy here. I looked at all the stuff on the ground that needed to be put away into it's proper places. I told Abby that I could take care of putting everything away. Know sense having the both of us getting bored out of our minds.

I watched Abby leave the room, she was saying something about a colored dot system as to where the major vamp nests were. She had a whole color scheme all worked out. I would have to take a look at that sometime..but for now, weapons, first aid and ammo...oh my.

I started picking up a couple weapons at a time and took it over to an area of cabinets and opened it up as I looked at all the stuff already in there. Lucky for me while Abby was sorting through the boxes I was labeling the weapons cabinet. I picked up the weapons and placed them in there proper place. And continued doing this till I had the first cabinet all stocked up.

I walked back over to the stuff that lay on the ground and picked up some of the ammo and returned to another cabinet and put everything once again into it's proper places. Hopefully this would make things move a little faster if ya know..we were ever in an ambush or something that needed a quick find of a certain weapon.

While doing all this I couldn't help but think the people here hated me...even my own cousin. I couldn't really blame them, my attitude towards people wasn't really all that... sociable. Abby and I seemed to get along decent. You could tell we were both the leader type people, not exactly the type to be told what to do. I was starting to come around, alot more then day one..so that's a start right.

Maybe the longer I stay around these people my attitude will change, no matter how long your in this line of work, there still constantly seems to be new surprises around each and every corner you turn. But that doesn't mean I ever plan to give up what I do..nor will I ever forget as to why I am doing it.

I lifted my shirt after making sure no one was around and looked at my scar...left by it. I then heard some voices heading my direction and lowered my shirt and continued putting everything away.

(Open to anyone...Jac and Chase maybe? ^_^ )
13 -- Bring on the Night

[15 Nov 2005|10:52am]

[ mood | cynical ]

With the previous nights haul of confiscated firearms and ammo sorted and boxed for a later trip to the pawn shop, I set the boxes by the exit and dusted my hands off. Luckily the guy who ran the pawn shop also deals with my father or he’d think I hit an army surplus store a few times a week. Yeah, because the whole ‘I got these from vampires’ thing is way less weird...


Making my way back over to the workbench I reached up and pulled down a clear map of the city. In front of that one I pulled down another plexi-sheet; this one didn’t have a map, just a bunch of colored dots that overlayed the map behind. Each dot represented a nest that had been cleared out...and each color stood for how many times a specific spot had been reinhabited. White meant that after just one nest raid, vamps took the hint and kept clear. Those I liked. Unfortunately, There weren’t many of those left on the board.

White--yellow--orange--green--blue--purple--pink--red--black. Then I just ran out of colors.

Once an area gets to black I pretty much figure the only way to keep it clear would be to torch the place down. Not that I’ve done it, I’m just saying it WOULD be the only real solution.

After adjusting the map to the previous nights raids I leaned back against the counter and crossed my arms as I stared at the colors on the board. It looked like the most impossibly difficult game of connect-the-dots ever, only, when you get to the end of this one there’s no cute puppy with a bone or lady bug on a leaf left on the page for your efforts...just the truth staring back at you--in technicolor.

We’re fighting a losing battle.

Bring on the Night

if you want something done right [14 Nov 2005|07:02pm]

[ mood | calm ]

night was replace by early morning, and my blood soaked attire replaced by clean clothing. When I had entered the tower after the night out I had stopped a passing familiar and requested a new file be made on Miss Abigail Whistler as soon as possible. The first one I had received on her was a pretty bare-bones bio and just wouldn’t suffice now. I also asked for a similar file to be made for her father. This girl was obviously following in her old man’s footsteps, so reading up on him definitely couldn’t hurt any.

Sending Danica and Asher to confront the nightstalkers a second time would just end up in our numbers as a collective dropping again. I think a large entourage makes them feel more secure that they’ll be walking away from an encounter. Two of them....ten or so lackeys...you do the math. Apparently sending Chase to the group had resulted in some...undesirable backlashes, which I’m sure he’d disagree on and deny till he was blue in the face. Actually, he’s already sort of done that...without the color change though because I didn’t press the matter. But I wasn’t born yesterday.

If you want something done right then you have to do it yourself. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing. Leaving the matter of King and his friends in the hands of others has resulted in nothing, well, nothing positive as far as I’ve seen. Before the situation esculated any further it had to be nipped in the bud before the hunters grew too bold. So, now it was my turn...with a little help from Whistler’s daughter.

Leaving my room, I set off to find the familiar whos lap I had dropped my task in. If he hadn’t made much progress as of yet I’m sure I could find some way to motivate him...or, you know, just kill him and find someone who can get the job done faster. Hmm, I wonder if Aidan is busy.

((open...or not...I don’t really care. I’m pretty sure she can occupy herself))

10 -- Bring on the Night

Home Sweet High-Rise [03 Nov 2005|12:16pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

We made it back to the tower and managed to avoid being flambéed by the suns rays. Just barely... Once inside the building I made a b-line to my room for a much need shower and a change of clothing. I lose more suits this way. They usually end up among the ‘casualties’ of a night on the town.

I changed into a pair of ash-gray pants and a white shirt. Buttoning up my cuffs I spaced off in thought for a moment. Why the hell did Lilith want to attempt something as risky as taking that girl hostage? King’s group had a few members to choose from, yet she decides to fuck with the one girl who has connections to the Daywalker...even if it isn’t a direct connection. This is one of those situations when even Lilith’s most loyal followers HAS to question her capability...or sanity. Both?

Shaking my head I snapped back to reality and grabbed a tie off the back of an armchair. I Buttoned my shirt up, save for the top two buttons and didn’t even bother tucking it in. Putting the tie around my neck that too I left sloppily undone, allowing it to just hang there for some reason. I ruffled my hair in an attempt to speed up the drying process then moved off to the door and exited my room.

Stuffing my hands deep into my pockets I made my way to the elevator and elbowed the down button then waited for the lift.

Whatever Lilith had in mind I think it was safe to say things were about to get really messy around here.

7 -- Bring on the Night

[01 Nov 2005|07:07am]

Driving through the city when the sun was up was a much different experience then durning the middle of the night. It actually looked normal. There were no vampires on the street, just everyday people going about their business.

My intention was to go get groceries, the food at headquarters looked like it could be toxic...or some sort of science experiment for Chester. But I found my self driving around the city..hoping to find him.

Call it guilt or whatever but I felt responsible to make sure he was ok. I really would hope if I went missing someone would come looking for me.

Pulling in the parking lot of the local gorcery store I dug through the glove box to find a pen and a scrap of paper. With an accomplished look I began to write on the paper I had found.


I wonder what kind of cereal everyone would like? Who cares I guess just grab a few boxes or something...and some vegetables for King, the kind of food he eats might just kill him...boy needs some fiber in his diet. Sitting in the jeep I contiued writing down my shopping list.

((Open to anyone on the streets. No vamps..cuz well the sun is out...we'll say its very early morning....yeah, that sounds good))
18 -- Bring on the Night

[06 Oct 2005|06:05pm]

Everyone was gone. Standing in the main entrance to the building I enjoyed the peace and quiet. Asher had managed to get Lilith out..which may or may not be a good thing. The sun would be up soon. Let's hope she remembers that Ash isn't sun resistant.

Watching out the large glass doors as a car pulls up I smile as I recognize the cute black Audi that belongs to Aidan. With his jacket slung over his arm he walks through the large doors. Tossing his keys over my shoulder to the gaurd at the desk.

"Where the hell did you go?"

"To deal with more of your fucking mess Dan. Two of Hannibals "friends" broke into the new site."

"It's not my mess, how the fuck was I suppose to know he was capable of this?"

Aidan started walking away, headed towards the elevator. I turned quickly grabbing him by the arm and slamming him into the nearby wall.

"Don't walk away from me." Looking up at his towering frame I grin "Why are you so cross with me pet?"
14 -- Bring on the Night

[26 Sep 2005|07:26am]

Slowly climbing out of bed I winced at the pain that I felt moving across my entire body. As I stood up my legs cried for me to sit back down. The knots in my back popped as I straightened up. What a night.

Grabbing some clothes I slipped off the over sized shirt I had slept in and pulled on a pair of military styled camo pants and a tight black tee shirt. As I pulled the shirt over my head my eyes filled with tears as I caught my nose.

Looking in a small bedside mirror I winced as I gingerly touched the bruise that had taken over half my face.

Walking barefoot through the halls I worked my hair into a pony tail. Approaching the door to the infirmary I sighed as I thought of what had happened in this room last night.

Gently knocking I pushed the door open. Searching the room with my eyes I found it empty. I also found a large knot building in my stomach. Leaving the room I headed for the control room to find Chester.

Shaking my head as I walked in the room I nudged his chair. Looks like the little guy drifted off to sleep.

"Chase is gone. You see him?"

He jerked his head up off the table and wiped the corner of his mouth.

"What? Chase?....nope...nope, haven't seen him." He ran his hands through his curly hair and rubbed his eyes "How long was I out?"

"Not sure. Heard from anyone else?"

((Open to all Nightstalkers))
10 -- Bring on the Night

Dinner and a Show (Part 2) [23 Sep 2005|07:32am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

I laid staring up at the ceiling from the bar-top of the small establishment chosen for the nights outing. It was a charming location, but then again anything was better than those massive new-age clubs that the clan insisted on frequenting, with the strobe lighting and the mind numbing stuff they call music. It was a simple, low key, neighborhood bar. Or, rather, it WAS...and may very well be once again sometime in the near future, when the police tape had cleared. Right now though, it was a murder scene. Although 'massacre' might be a more appropriate term.

My arms hung down over either side of the bar and I wiggled my fingers slowly, the blood that stained them now drying by the second and tightening the skin up a bit. Overall, the whole interior of the place had taken on a dark red tint, as had we.

Asher sat motionless on the tiled floor after having found a spot free of any crimson puddles. His clothing disheveled, his hair spiked about more wildly than usual and the once white shirt he wore was now decorated in patches of bright red. Among the patches, a few clear hand prints could be made out as if he had just had an encounter with a toddler who had been finger-painting. He loosened his tie almost in a daze. Poor boy, I hope he hadn't eaten one that didn't agree with him. With all the junk some humans put into their bodies in this age it wouldn't be out of the question.

The others that had come with us were scattered about the general area. Two playing pool while the other three still fed.

Most of those who had been here when we arrived were already dead, while the final handful would be soon to follow. I could hear the heartbeats grow more and more faint by the second, even over the crashing pool balls and intermittent gurgling of the humans attempting to take in a breath. There had been 15 in total and at current time four still fought against death...but just barely.

I licked at the corner of my mouth and took in a quick metallic zing from a stray trickle of blood on my lips. Rolling over onto my side I propped my head up onto my hand and watched the others like a mother watching over her brood.

It was odd, but even still, Aidan's words remained with me, and may have even accounted for the reason I had accepted Asher's invitation in the first place. Maybe not the only reason, but still, it was definitely a factor.

With a mental shrug a slight smile of satisfaction played at the corner of my mouth. We should probably clear out before daylight or the police arrive. Not that the men-in-blue really held any power. Even they work for us. Well...the smarter ones that value their bodies remaining in one piece anyway. And while I'd hate to admit it, at a time like this King's group making a cameo appearance would be as big a nuisance as the sun. Not for me, obviously, but for the others. Unlike them I can withstand the suns rays, and I'm positive I could hold my own against a bunch of kids playing superhero.

((Ala crap, but there it is. *slaps pc* >.<))

10 -- Bring on the Night

Dinner and a Show (Part 1) [22 Sep 2005|05:40pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I'm all for a good trojan horse maneuver when executed successfully, but I can hardly expect a fuckin' trojan wolf mission to end at all well. There is, after all, a reason why werewolves never did quite reach the level vampires had on the supernatural evolutionary scale. They're beneath us, where they belong. Screw the superpowers and all you have is an animal. Not a very trustworthy one by any means either.

So, why had Lilith held so much trust in one? She's not stupid by any means, the fact that she's still alive after all these years proves that--but at times her actions really do make even the most loyal of subjects wonder. The only person who held equal favor with Chase would be Danica. That in itself shows she's not completely insane and her sense of better judgment isn't always skewed by...whatever it was that drew her to Chase.

Standing in my room before a full length mirror I adjusted my tie then headed for the door, grabbing my jacket on the way out. After chasing this group here and getting shot at by that group there, I really needed to unwind. A run that was completely pleasure and no business. I had called for a car to be ready with a small party of 5 or so. Given the current heightened level of tension around here that probably wasn't the best of ideas, but I didn't really give a shit. As the saying goes: All work and no play...

...makes Asher one cranky son of a bitch.

Slipping my jacket on quickly, I continued down the hall and would have been in the clear if it wasn't for--




I backtracked a few steps till I was at Lilith's door as I fixed my collar.

"And where might you be off too? Another batch of our men need slaying?"

After cringing a bit I forced the best smile I could at the moment.

"Not quite. Just a quick meal...or several."

She walked over and stood in front of me, her head tilted curiously to one side. After a few seconds she reached a hand out and I flinched, like some hand-shy puppy, which seemed to amuse her quite a bit. She then quickly fixed my tie to her own liking and smiled.

"Uh, thanks..." Now, I probably should have left the room at that point or...something--ANYTHING other than... "You want to come with? I'm sure there's enough room for one more in the car."

Her eyes glimmered wickedly as her smile broadened. I, uh, think that would be a 'yes'...

((will continue in a Lilith post...if my PC stops being an ass -_-))

Bring on the Night

[01 Sep 2005|01:35pm]

I was now sat on a couch in a vacant room eyeing the decor. Sound carried very well in this place and provided nobody was yacking on at me in my face I could hear a lot of different conversations.
In fact I could hear one going on about Chase and myself right now...didn't catch much though before a female familiar came in with some folders and started laying them out at a table for some meeting or another.

I watched her move...the way her hair fell about her shoulders. I settled for the imagination to work its magic for now, picturing myself walking behind her and running my hands down her sides. Laying my lips to the skin of her neck making her sigh, or gasp. Taking in the scent of her hair up close. Smiling as my teeth became more deadly and then sank them into her neck like a vampire, denying her the chance to scream and letting blood flow enter my mouth before pulling away with a big chunk of her trapped between my jaws. Spitting it out to her lifeless corpse on the floor and licking around my lips.

The sound of the door shutting snapped me out of it. She'd pretty much buggered off during my little fantasy...no matter. It was fun while it lasted.
I stood up and pulled my shirt over my head and walked to a full length mirror placed on the wall for someone's convenience. Right now, mine. I looked at the bullethole wound in my chest and thought about how close it was to my heart. If that had been pierced then I'd be cursing a lot in death right now.

These people were either very good or very lucky. Whichever it was, Chase had better keep a strong head and think smart because if THEY didn't kill him, then I would for being such an ass, honestly, probably should have made a werewolf out of his best friend...or his parents for that matter.
Funny...all I had to do was follow him home even after getting knived in the chest, painful I might add, and wait till he went to bed. Then I just killed his parents and left his imagination to work its wonders. If I hadn't, he'd probably be some kind of goody little two shoes puppy hunting on the wrong team...we can't have that now, can we?

It's true...I was tired of doing this on my own...and the act of wanting to run with the pack and all that was the best way I knew how to get to him. Truth be told, I wanted Chase to be as sussceptible to me as he was to Lilith. He has great potential...but he needs to learn the place of vampires among our kind.

"It's not polite to stand in doorways", I said over my shoulder.

17 -- Bring on the Night

[01 Sep 2005|01:35am]

[ mood | awake ]

Looks like Aisha and I were headed out to another club. Hopefully this one wouldn't turn out to be the nightmare the other one had, or we were gonna need a lot more help.

This club was a little further away than the last one, but it was in the same district, and was probably just as seedy as any demon dive. Black leather pants, a crimson halter, and a black jacket completed my ensemble for the evening. I left my hair down to help conceal my face. Two guns on my legs, a knife on my back, and a few UV grenades would probably suffice for the night. I always kept more ammo in my truck in case the situation got sticky.

Since the club was a bit smaller than the other one, I didn't think my swagger and seduction routine would cut it this time. Going in shooting would have to do, unless Aisha had a better plan.

I finished tightening the strap on my leg holster, and then I straightened. I let out a sigh of contentment before I asked her, "You ready for this?"

6 -- Bring on the Night

[31 Aug 2005|12:33pm]

Taking Chase's advice I headed to get Chester to take a look at my face. Not that there was anything wrong with my face, but my nose hurt like...well like a very large vampire booted me in it. Walking in the room it was glowing with the an over abundance of computer monitors. Very quiet, ambient music came from a set of small speakers hooked to a lap top. Taking his feet off the desk he turned around.

"How's he doing?"

"Better...got the painkillers in him and he went to sleep. Still feverish." Sitting in a nearby chair I rolled it closer. "So, doc you think you can take a look at this?" Pointing to my nose I scrunched my forehead

"Ohhhh, what the hell did you do? Come here."

Scooting close I laughed nervously.

"I woke up and just hated my nose" I grinned as he placed his cold hand on my face "...vamp that got Chase, booted my face like a football."

"Well, it's crooked. This is gonna hurt, hold still."

There was a sickening crack and tears welled in my eyes. Letting out a yelp I grabbed my face. Chester handed me a rag and I held it to my nose. Getting up from the chair I looked down at Chester.

"I am going to the garage, got a back seat full of blood to clean. Might as well do it while I am covered in it....I'll leave the headset on if you need me."

.....Collapse )
Bring on the Night

[31 Aug 2005|10:56am]

I went a little overboard in the weapons department..but not like I was great at this or anything. Chester loaded me up with a handgun,some rather large silver stakes and a couple UV grenades. I guess if I missed I could just drop one of those in the room.

Looking around the garage I sighed and looked over at him.

"So, bikes or that big ass thing you drove in here?"

I loved the bike Aisha had given me. It had to be the coolest thing I had gotten in a long time.

"The target we have is a little further away, so walking is probably out."

We got the warehouse...the out in the middle of no where warehouse. Strange, but there might be something there. Usually they kept the stuff they wanted to keep secret far away...trying to hide it.

((Open Sebastian....Corrie...I am waiting for you))
13 -- Bring on the Night

Team Spirit [30 Aug 2005|04:55pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

The brainier types at Phoenix tower finally managed to compile a few files on King’s little ragtag team of fighters. They were no novels by any means, but I didn’t really expect them to be. Some were a bit thicker than others, mainly the two females Danica called by named before the information had been given to me. Jacqueline Van Helsing and Abigail Whistler.

Jac had a pretty interesting past, but it went further than that. Further than her. She came from a long line of many who made it their business to rid the face of earth of my kind… Nice to see that's going so well. We are still around and them...just barely. Apparently the family name dies with her. Hmm, that in itself was incredibly inviting.

The other girl, Abigail, her surname was just as meaningful, but without being boringly drawn out with history and exposition that spanned back centuries. It all began with her father, and since he is still of the living, that leaves for a very short repertoire…but that’s not the least bit demeaning. Her father was the Daywalker’s single confidant. He fought for personal reasons--reasons I’m sure she didn’t share. And she, well, my best guess? She fought for daddy’s approval.

I do believe a heartstring has been tugged… Yeah, right.

I don’t now the girl or the old man, but I don’t have to. In some form, I’ve lived it. Her attempts are futile. Putting them both out of their misery is the best remedy—isn’t it always?

As for the other members of the team, well, I could have been given files with biographies on Saturday morning cartoon characters, that’s how much weight they held with me. Some had come dangerously close to ‘living’ as one of us. And the others? Vendettas were the most logical reasons for them waging war on vampire kind. Those are always fun.

Then there was King… I’ve seen his story play out, so no literature needed.

“What do you think of this new group?” I looked over to my stoic, statue-like companion whose job I’m still not exactly clear on. He doesn’t supply an answer, just a blank and all around bored facial expression.

“My thought’s exactly.”

9 -- Bring on the Night

[30 Aug 2005|10:31am]

[ mood | determined ]

"Whistler is fine...better than fine even."

Anything was better than princess. Well, maybe not ANYTHING, but...moving on.

So it turned out Vampy King is just like human King when it comes to the somewhat arrogant personality. So much for my theory that it had been the vampire genetics taking their toll. Besides changing his eye color, the size of his teeth and the strength of SPF he needs to put on to go out in daylight...what did that injection fix?

"Shall we then?"

I took one last glance at the address we would be hitting. HQ was already pretty close to the warehouse district, so it wasn't a major hike to get there. Fancy modes of transportation were pretty uncalled for on this one, which would also help since we wouldn't have to worry about any loud engines giving us away.

I grabbed my iPOD off the counter top and concealed the device in one of my inner pockets. Resting the ear-buds around my neck I then set off for the doors with King in tow.

Not that the fight at the nightclub with Danica and her men wasn't a hoot, but I hope this doesn't turn into a similar situation. In no way are routine vampire nest raids ever 'normal', but that one was a bit more...chaotic than usual. And I'm still not sure if it was because of the noticeably added ferocity of the vamps themselves, of the fact that it was the first fight I had ever been in with a group backing me up. Either way, something told me that fight was only the tip of the iceberg and things had only just begun to snowball after that encounter.

Hopefully we'd be ready for whatever their side would throw our way next. If not? We'd better get ready. Fast.

((King, duh))

14 -- Bring on the Night

[28 Aug 2005|01:56pm]

As I headed past Chase and down the hall I heard Chester's voice ring out.

"Be careful."

Laughing a little I glanced at Chase who was right behind me. The hall was quiet as we walked back to the garage.Pulling the door open I hit the switch for the garage door and climbed in the jeep. Nights like tonight make me glad I went the topless route....not me the jeep. Warm night, full moon...good night to, well to hunt.

Turning the key the radio blared. Quickly turning it down I smiled. Chase climed in and snapped his seatbelt on.

"Ok, let's get out of here."

Backing out of the garage I pressed the remote that Chewy gave me to close it.

The drive wasn't long, about twenty minutes. Slowly we drove through the cookie cutter neighborhood looking for the house. Slowing down I looked at the paper Chester gave us and up at the very large house we were passing. That was the one. Three stories, large garage....only like six vamps inside. What they needed with that large of a house was beyond me...a bit excessive.

Continuing past the house I parked a couple blocks away. Killing the engine and turning the lights off I faced Chase.

"All you have is the knife?"Raising an eyebrow at him I pointed to the glove box "There is a gun in there if you want to use it."

After I pulled my hair up I took a deep breath and climed out of the jeep.Walking over to Chase I smiled.

"You ready for this?"
40 -- Bring on the Night

[18 Aug 2005|09:34am]

Shutting the door behind me I go back to my usual routine. You got it, dinking around on the computer. Everynight before Aisha goes out we use the thermal imaging to pin point areas of activity,moving cold bodies...search the net for strange murders, animal attacks that sort of stuff. Decide where the most activity is and send her there.

Information was loading on 3 different screens and I kicked my feet up as I watched the program start running. Anytime I saw more then 3 cold, walking bodies I recorded the info into a file and saved it. Looks like tonight there are a few areas to pick from. Good thing we have more then 1 person to send out.

So we got a club downtown, LaTigra... a nest in the eastside warehouses, a handful in a very nice suburb and last but not least an odd warehouse out in the middle of nowhere...only a couple vamps..but strange.

Printing out the locations I set them in a pile next to me on the table.

Once they all filter in I guess we can decide who goes where. I kinda feel like Charlie, like on Charlies Angel's..well minus the little speaker phone and the lack of seeing my face.

((Open Nightstalkers...all of you...PUT THE NEOPETS DOWN!!!!!!))
15 -- Bring on the Night

[10 Aug 2005|01:59pm]

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Leaving King outside I found my way through the hideout to the garage. Flipping on the lights I wandered around finding what I would need. Loading some wrenches and a rubber mallet into my arms I headed for the jeep, ready to work.

The tools clanked together as I set them on the ground. Fishing in my pocket for the keys I opened the passengers door and leaned in, putting the key in the ignition I turned the radio on. After flipping through my CD’s I found what I was looking for and smiled as the sounds of aggressive rock music filled the air.

Sitting on the ground I picked up one of the wrenches and began to unbolt the badly dented fender.


20 -- Bring on the Night

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