Kalia (xxxkaliaxxx) wrote in _modified,

Questions about female nipple piercing


I am considering getting my nipples pierced. I currently have 7 piercings in my ears and my hood pierced.

I know that I definetly want rings in my nipples as oppossed to barbells.

My major hesitation at this time is regarding hiding the piercings since I work a conservative job. I don't like to wear super thick bras but I certainly couldn't risk the outline of the rings being seen. What are peoples experiences with this? I really like wearing thin cotton bras, will I totally have to change to thicker bras? Any feedback and experiences about this is appreciated.

I'm also a yoga instructor and am concerned about how the piercings would affect my practice. I understand that I'll be sore for some time but about how long does it take to feel comfortable putting pressure on newly pierced nipples (like fully lying down on the belly)?

Thanks to anyone who can offer any information as I contemplate this.
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