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Tongue Split

I got my tongue split on Monday by Jim Wisniewski/Wizzer/however you know him.
We went as far back as we could (to the base of my 4g tongue piercing), but after having it a few days I've decided I want to snip my tongue web as well so we can go back a little farther...maybe about 9/16". Not sure if we'll do that while he's still here or when he comes back for Christmas.

Don't look if you don't like blood...or picture heavy entries

Thanks for taking the pictures Alex!

Marking my tongue while Jim is making me laugh.

Please observe the appalled look on my face. Continue to observe the stream of blood coming out of my tongue. It was like a squirt gun on the last cut that went through where the tongue piercing was. Jim DODGED it right before it hit him in the chest. It sprayed everything. I am already a bleeder, but I am also on Adderall so I'm sure that didn't help. It was nuts/gross/funny.

See now I'm laughing because everyone else was like HOLY SHIT.

Woops. Kinda ruined some stuff.

It's still funny at this point.

I think that was the only point where my eyes watered.

This is where all the blood-spitting started happening.

I mean, seriously.

My ex-piercer wonderful roommate held my tongue for me.

My mouth tasted like dirty pennies.

This part hurt. A LOT. Tony had to squeeze my tongue really hard to get it to stop bleeding. I was NOT happy at this point.

Like seriously, ow.

Hating life. And sutures. Fuck sutures.

Mouth is getting tiiiired.

Sutures can kiss my ass.

Basically done.

I don't have any "finished" pictures yet...because right after, when I went to the bathroom to clean up, I passed out. For the first time in my life. And woke up in Jim's lap, laughing and thinking I was waking up from a dream. It was so weird. I attribute it to the new meds, the blood loss, and the fact that my new medication severely supresses my appetite so I haven't eaten much in weeks.

Over all, yeah it kinda sucked- but I'm definitely gonna make it a bit deeper.
It didn't even swell (that I can tell) and it's been 2 days.
I can sort of eat...it's not the tongue that prevents it, it's the medicine.
It barely even hurts...Ibuprofen makes it feel almost perfectly painless.
The first morning I had to pull it apart a little bit, but today there was nothing to pull apart.

It's doing so well!

Anyway, that's it for now.
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