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  • [Basics]

    [x]Name: Julie <3
    [x]Age: 15
    [x]Location: Toronto
    [x]What type of music do you listen to?: Top favs- R & B, Hip Hop, Dance. Iam very open to all kids of music.
    [x]What do you do in your spare time?: I love to be with my friends and have a good time laughing. I love movies, and talking on the phone. I also love doing people's makeup.
    [x]Favorite Movie: The Notebook, Titantic, The Life of David Gale, Remember The Titans.
    [x]Favorite Food: Seafood and Homemade Italian Pasta

  • [Opinions]

    [x]Drugs: Been there, done that. I have a very strong opinion about drugs. I have personally been through that stage in my life, and it is just not somnething for me. I think it is pointless, and people who are bored with there lives enjoy doing that to make themselves look like idoits.
    [x]Drinking: I am not a hard core drinker. I do it sometimes at parties or with some friends. I love pina colada coolers, and Malibu Rum.
    [x]Suicide: I think this is just a easy way out of life for some people. Some people relieve stress by sliting there wrists and such. It shows the type of personality an individual has and if some wish to do so, it is there choice.

  • [Random]

    [x]What's the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?: I have drank at my house with my boyfriend, and my mom caught us when she came home. i have thrown a party wothout my mom knowing. I have been caught by the police and suspended for smoking on school property, but these are one time occasions that i have learnt from.
    [x]Your dream job: Famous Actress or Makeup artist. Therapist.
    [x]Atleast 3 clear pics of yourself:
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