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The story of a man, a woman, and the corpses of a thousand evil men...

My Chemical Romance... Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

My Chemical Romance
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My Other MCR Community:

When you join please post this:
4)Other bands that you like:
5) How did you first hear of the band:
6) Why you like them
And anything else you want to tell us...

1.If the picture is really big, please post under LJcut.
2. Respect others in this community or you will be banned
3. Respect the band
4. Stay active, keep the community going.
5. Do not just join, promote another community and then never post again,
6. Do not promote a community, if you do, you will first be warned then banned.
7. Follow these rules

Thanks to MYCHEMROMANCE_ pointed something out, about the promoting... If you promote a MCR Community, make sure it wasn't already promoted, please do not promote any other communities, just MCR, after you CHECK it hasn't already been promoted, if you promote a community that has nothing to do with MCR if so, Rule 6 will fall into effect. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER, don't just join to promote a community.

I think the rules stated above are extremely simple, if you have a problem with a rule and don't understand feel free to contact me, or post on the community.