miki (mister_nemo) wrote in _lostboys,


i've been a part of this community for almost a month now... (maybe longer... i'm not so great at keeping track of time) so i thought maybe i should say something...
is anyone else bummed as hell by the fact that there probably won't be anymore peter pan oriented movies in... i dunno, forever. don't get me wrong, you can go all the way back to mary martin playing peter pan and say that we fans have had it good, but i'm going to miss the anticipation. waiting for 'finding neverland' was more excitement than i've had in a long time (and it was anticipation well given might i add) but now, you can pretty much say that peter pan's had it's light. i don't think we'll be seeing much more of it in hollywood or entertainment (unless the musical makes some grand revival which i don't see... ) i dunno... makes me sad.
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