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Favorite Songs [Saturday 17th]

So what is everyone's favorite song(s) by Lalaine?
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[Saturday 13th]

any filipinos here? i'm new in this community. I'm kim and i'm a filipino..like Lalaine.
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[Saturday 24th]


Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah

From _notyourgirl @ _lalaine

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[Friday 2nd]

Delete this if needed but its not in your rules and i think you will like it...
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[Monday 22nd]

Hey Im new here and I have been a fan of Lalaine since Lizzie Mcguire came out ^_^
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New to the LJ community, not new to Lalaine. [Saturday 23rd]

Hi. I'm Rich. I go by Hoofum everywhere. I've been a big Lalaine fan since 2002, and even went to her first public performance at Club One Seven. I've posted about her at TVTome and her official boards since 2002. :)
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[Sunday 17th]

Lalaine's single will be in stores August 2nd!! Mark your calendars.
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[Friday 1st]


Check out the "I'm Not Your Girl" music video!!!!

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NEW! [Sunday 26th]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hi i'm new :D

i was just wondering if anyone knew where i could download her song, "Did You Hear About Us?" - thanks.

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[Saturday 21st]

New Lalaine Pictures
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