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_iwearblack's Journal

better than you
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Do you smoke cigarettes like it's your job? Is your favorite color black? Do you have obscure interests your friends have never heard about? Do you think you're better than everyone around you?

Let us (no13baby and fieldy1snuts) be the judge of that.
Only the most pretentious need apply.

To apply, join the community and create a post including the following:

1. Your picture. You don't need to be beautiful to be pretentious, but style is indeed important. If you're posting a large or more than one picture, please use an lj-cut.
2. Your five favorite musical artists. (While limiting, as no doubt your musical taste is vast and obscure, this is a good judge of pretention.)
3. Name your favorite movie. (Note: any silent German expressionistic horror film guarantees immediate acceptance.)
4. What fictional character (from a book) do you feel you most relate to? (Note: an answer of "Holden Caulfield" will lead to immediate rejection, as will any of Chuck Palahniuk's characters. While he was once interesting, the overexposure of the film version of Fight Club has made him bland.)
5. What are you most pretentious about?

Accepted members will vote on whether or not you are privileged enough to be considered pretentious or if you are just a poseur. Majority rules, but moderators can override rejections.

N.B.: It's called _iwearblack not _iwearblacklipstick. you need not be "goth" to apply. please, seriously.