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Icon Awards
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Welcome to _iconawards, the live journal community which was made to find those better than the rest icons and the creators who made them. Here icon makers and their fans can submit icons to compete for various categories against others to win a weekly award.

_iconawards was founded by yogurt and is currently maintained by her and five other wonderful girls; blumchen, fairypark, hourstilldawn, metallic_angel, and saku.

Layout was made by blumchen while the info was made by yogurt.

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1. Do not argue within the community. If there is any problems, contact a moderator and we will figure out how the situation will be handled.

2. Only nominate eight (8) icons each week. Only three of those eight nominations can be made by you. Only five of those nominations can be made by the same person (not you the nominator). We'd like to see more talent from other icon artist.

3. Pimping icon journals or other related places like nomination communities is fine if you're also nominating icons, just don't over do it. I don't want to see this community turned into some icon community promo because that's not what it is. If there is a banner that's over 200x200 pixels tall or wide, put it under a cut. Please place all community/icon-related promotions here. Thank you.

4. Do NOT steal any of the icons nominated here. If you want the icon, go to their icon journal and get it from there. If any member is caught stealing icons, they will be banned. .

5. Do not treat this community like an ordinary icon community. We do not do 'requesting' here at all and this isn't any kind of fourm for out of the blue posts. Try and keep all posts centered within this community, to icons, and to icon makers. .

6. You must list the icon maker with the icon you are nominating. Use their personal journal user name. You don't need to put their icon journal unless you want to. If there is no icon maker credited for the nominated icon it will not be eligable to win anything and automatically disqualified..

7. Please make sure all icons you nominate are under the correct categories. I don't want to see an anime icon under Best Photo or an animated icon under Best Nonanimated. If the icon does not fall under the conditions of its category, it is not eligible to win. .

8. You may nominate an icon for a lot of categories as much as you want until it actually wins an award. Please check iawarded to see if the icon has won already if you aren't sure. If it isn't, go ahead and nominate it. But if it's already been nominated for in the same category that week, there really is no need to nominate it again. .

9. Do not nominate any porn or hentai related icons of graphic porportions. This community might have young viewers, so keep everything to at least a PG13 rating..

10. Members and judges can nominate icons of people who aren't members of the community. Anyone can become a member, but they should follow the rules.