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my face kicks

Name: Will (durvan)
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: gurl
Are you taken? yes
Hobbies: uh, listenin to music, scuba diving, playn music

Bands: Beck, stereolab, STP, bob dylan, velvet underground, us bombs
Books: on the road - jack kerouac
Movies: fight club, or clockwork
TV Shows: degrassi, my so called life, south park, the daily show
Foods: anything without meat -- VEGITERIAN X CORE

Abortion: its good that we have the option but sad that we rely on it soo much in a sociaty
War: war is just statistics and lajistics with human lives murdered in the process. -- pointless and gets us nowhere
American Government: corrupt and fucked, all government is. (except for socialist marxist!)
Teenage Sex: why not, its goonan happen somtime, ya if ya feel that your ready and so does your partner, you should.
Drugs/Alcohol: what ever makes ya feel or look coool. go ahead why not.

CHOOSE ONE (and explain why)..
Looks/Personality: personality
Evil/Good: good , we need some change.
Love/Sex: idealisticly they should be the same thing. but in our world, "love"
Family/Friends: again, they shouuld be the same, i couldent decide.
Gay Friends/Lesbian Friends: ??? There human beings, people.

Why do you think we should accept you into this community? cause im actially taking this seriously.
Who referred you to this community? degrassi comunity kattie i think.
Whats so great about YOUR face? my preetty blue eyes
What is your style? it varries, 70s, punk, grunge. a mix of those is pretty much it.
Promote this community to on another community/member and link us: ok

new haircut, although its grown a bit since

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