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it's square to be hip...

...and it's hip to be square

.::hip to be square::.
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Rules Fools

+Be nice! There is no reason to be an asshole, be nice to eachother or I'll kick your ass out. Word. And dont be stupid and get butt hurt (sorry... it's descriptive) if someone tells you to deleting an off topic post or whatever. Just do it, don't start all the bloody drama. I don't want to hear it. Don't be a baby and don't be an ass. Simple as that :o)

+LJ cuts. Make sure to post large pictures, or more than two pictures behind an lj cut. If you dont know the code, it's <*lj-jut text= "text here"*> and make sure to take out the *'s.

+Stay on topic. Try to at least kinda stay on topic. I dont want to have to get rid of posts, I dont want to be a jerk.

+Promoting. If you are active in the community you may promote. After the banner (or whatever) is posted, I'll put the community name in the info. Don't post it again, the name will be here. I'll just delete it if you post more than once, thats not what this community is for.

Your mod: mustangwhore

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