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This is Hallowen -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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Halloween Decor [26 Sep 2007|01:56pm]
Hey ghouls,

I am extremely early in this, I know. I looked out my window today and saw the leaves changing colors so I just had to decorate my apartment a bit. I took pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Also, I continued my tradition in mix CDs, and my Sordid Tales now has six parts. Last years mix isn't as good as this years (in my opinion) but I'll post the track listing anyways, maybe it'll give some of you a few ideas if you're looking to make your own Halloween-inspired playlist that doesn't involve all of the usual trademark songs.

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It's safe to say I spent A LOT on Halloween decorations (*cough*overfiftybucksatdollarama*cough*) and my costume was around fifty as well. I've decided to be Paris Hilton, when she went to jail. I figured it was simple, funny, pretty recognizable and moderately cheap. The jailers outfit was about twenty bucks, the wig was twenty and then I got a few other accessories like handcuffs and a little dog. I'd do a practice run but I have fake dreads that will come out by Halloween so I can wear the wig properly!

Anyways, as promised, here's my Sordid Tales parts one through four. I say it has six parts because it took six CDs to make it all fit.

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