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_Haiku_, since 2002.

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I was born one day,
a spawn of this thread and this.
We'll see what happens.

Rule One
All posts in haiku
and all comments in haiku,
let us inspire.

Post thoughtful, profound, or cheesy haiku, or just plain horribly written 'ku. Have entire conversations in haiku!
Posts can be on any topic that is "Work Safe" (see rule 3), even promotions for other communities. Please just make sure it is in traditional 5-7-5 haiku format.

Rule Two
Peaceful like the lamb
This is not a place for war
But beauty and love.

This is a place for expression and fun, not attacks. Constructive criticism is done politely; rudeness, obviously, is not... let's stick to the former, shall we? Thanks.

Rule Three
Haiku is for all
Let us mind our fellow man
Seeking harmony.

Cursing is ok here. And we love it when graphics accompany a poem! Please put them behind a cut or thumbnail, for bandwidth purposes.
Keep in mind, this community has members of all ages. Also, some of us view the page while at work. Because of this, posts must always be "work safe" and must not contain offensive material. This includes nudity of any type, and poems that are blatantly inappropriate.


A short Haiku Lesson

Made up of three lines,
it's first has 5 syllables,
second has 7.

The third finishes
with 5 syllables again.
It's Beauty Unleashed.

Haiku Weekly Theme
You can find the rules right here.
Write on, 'ku, write on.

Co-moderated by skiesclear, knutherbeer, and reflaxion

P.S. And thank you gbdances for the wonderful community icon!