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【FIGURe;】 -Dué le Quartz aftermath-

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【FIGURe;】 -Dué le Quartz aftermath-

This community was formed on 15.02.2005 [Opened on 16.02.2005] dedidcated to the newly formed band 【FIGURe;】signed with TUXEDO PRODUCTION. The band composes of VO: Sakito [Ex-Dué le quartz, VISCO], BA: キカサ [Ex-Dué le quartz, Shelly Trip Realize, うんず], Kazuki [Ex-Dué le quartz] supporting on drums with a few other various support members.

*NEW 10/11/05* Even though 【FIGURe;】 has recently disbanded (T-T)...this community will still remain ACTIVE to keep everyone informed of recent activies and media appearances of Sakito and Kikasa. Unlike other communities I mod/co-mod this one is a bit different...topics on this community will be very open-ended since I'd like to focus on ALL activities of Ex-DLQ AND Ex- 【FIGURe;】 members. I encourage anyone with information on any releases, appearances, performances, interviews to please post! (^-^);; and of course any general discussion related will always be welcomed. Thanks.

This is a LJ community that's on the aftermath of DLQ. I will allow posting on
-miyavi- as well but I am trying to not focus on him because LJ already has like 15 communities for -miyavi- but any upcoming releases...feel free to post. Infact anything related to the ex-members of DLQ feel free to post, or anything Jrock related that you really want to share on this community...by all means do so ^_^.

Due to lack of resources and how hard it might be to find mp3s/media files I hope members can share whatever info or files they find. I'm going to suggest using YouSentIt.Com [or other sites of the sort] to send files incase of anyone's paranoia of spam/viruses.

HOWEVERE, this does not mean don't support the band by not buying their singles/albums/merchandise because I highly encouraged buying their material...but for any of the younger fans with lack of resources and parental problems I don't feel like they should be deprived of earcandy/eyecandy.

  • Respect all artists and their work

  • NO flaming, plain and simple.

  • Post whenever you can. [i.e. pictures, scans, interviews, news, mp3s, sources, info, tabs, lyrics, translations, fanart, icons, etc. Anything relevant is fine.

  • Self-introductions to the community are welcome and encouraged.

  • Be Nice & Have Fun! Feel free to contact me.


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