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01-10 Game of Thrones
11-20 Hell On Wheels
21-29 Pretty Little Liars
30-35 Prime Suspect(US)
36-40 Shameless(US)
41-45 Sons of Anarchy
46-49 Farscape
50-52 The Fades
53-55 Once Upon A Time
56-58 Parks and Recreation
59-61 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena/Vengeance
62-63 Twin Peaks
64-64 Skins
65-65 Fringe
66-66 The Walking Dead
67-70 Jane Eyre(2006 BBC mini-series)
71-71 Band of Brothers
72-74 Tron Legacy
75-78 Jane Eyre(2011)
79-79 Tanner Hall
80-80 Pride and Prejudice

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the rest here @ glitteringsea
Tags: movies, multi-fandom, tv: band of brothers, tv: game of thrones, tv: sons of anarchy, tv: the walking dead
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