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136 Icons

I still have a ton of pictures of Jared Leto I've not used including screencaps of The Kill, Attack, From Yesterday i downloaded from drankmywar (which will be linked when i figure it out.) thanks so much!
You can see some of them used here. 06, 15, and 39-41 are Shannon- didn't want to leave all the fangirls out, but i have waaaay more of Jared.
There'll probs be more of Sherlock before next episode too!

01-74 ~ Jared Leto (& some Shannon)
75-88 ~ Clash of the Titans (2010)
89-111 ~ Daybreakers                    *Possible Spoilers*
112-136 ~ Sherlock (BBC 2010)   *Possible Spoilers*


"Are these human eyes?" "Put those back!" "They were in the microwave!" "It's an experiment!"
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