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Dear potential and pending _fake_ljers applicants;

We're currently in a bit of a logjam processing requests to join, and your patience is greatly appreciated. There are only two of us (we're not looking for help, thanks anyway), so it may be several days before we accept or reject you.

Before joining the community, please see this post, and read the entire userinfo page. Thank you.

Why was I rejected for membership?
There are a variety of reasons. A lot of members are turned down because their journals are too new and a good portion of rejections are due to the fact that many applicants do not read all of the community rules. Please do not e-mail the community account or the mods personally asking why you were rejected. You can always reapply later on if you still want to join.

If you are having a problem with a fellow member or want to pass on information without posting it for the entire community you may e-mail fake(dot)ljers(at)gmail(dot)com. tomguy and myself are the two with access to the e-mail account. If neither of us respond to your e-mail chances are it was bounced to the junk folder. If we do not respond to your e-mail within one week, please comment here with your issue. All comments will be screened.

If you have been banned from the community and would like to rejoin, you may e-mail the account. Depending on what lead to your removal, we'd be glad to have you back!

If you are still having problems you may comment here in my LJ.

We have reopened membership to the community, but posts will still be moderated. Also, just to affirm that you are not a serial adder (sounds like a snake, doesn't it?), and that you are serious about joining this community, you need to comment to this post thusly:
"I have read and agree to abide by all the rules of this community, including not harassing the moderators. I will be a good community member, and I don't care about Claire Fisher."
Comments to this post will be screened, and if you've submitted a request to join prior to today, it is no longer pending and you will have to resubmit. We will not be issuing invitations, so you must request membership to be given it, as well as comment here. If you got rejected for your failure to read this post the first time, you'll have to click to rejoin again. If you commented without clicking to join, you'll never get in, because I won't spell it out for you again as it's already spelled out below.
If you have any difficulties, leave a comment on this entry in my personal journal.
Thanks for your cooperation.
a step-by-step guide to membershipCollapse )

And one more note: You may still get rejected from the community, for one of many reasons. If this happens, you can always approach a moderator about it, or you can not take it personally and get on with your life.