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Earthbound's Journal

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14th November 2011

nickygabriel10:37am: Journey Big Bang Artist Claiming
The second round of artists claiming @ journeystory just began!

Read Rules Here @ journeystory

List of fandoms that we need help with:

Kathleen O'Malley's Silent Dances Cats, Lawrence of Arabia
Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat series, Silent Running
Doctor Who
Mother 2
Magnificent 7
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Oban Star Racers
Sons Of Anarchy

24th August 2011

doctorzaius7:20pm: Another Earthbound board game
Admittedly, not as good as my last shop...

Current Mood: silly

22nd August 2011

doctorzaius5:31pm: Made this for a photoshop contest
Current Mood: cheerful

29th May 2011

intothewolves11:14pm: [Fanmix] Hogtied with your Words - Pokey/Ness
wtb living LJ MOTHER fandom

Anyways. Made this a while back, just getting around to posting it other places besides my personal journal.

Warnings: Sexually suggestive lyrics, language. This was originally made to go with a piece of fanfiction where they were college-age (I never wrote that fanfiction...)

( The only way to my heart... )

27th January 2011

gage8:23pm: MOTHER 2 ► 7
MOTHER 3 ► 172

everything else is over at bigbangstrike!

30th September 2010

jupiterk9:43pm: HAJIME NO IPPO {13}


See everything else HERE @ narben

12th April 2010

mixophrygian6:42pm: THE LEGEND OF CHEETO-CORN
cheggit out: http://www.cheetos.com/view/game/the-legend-of-cheetocorn/

The bestiary reminded me of earthbound.

4th April 2010

kindergraph7:17pm: [119 total] 7 icons
» [12] axis powers hetalia
» [46] heroman
» [54] kimi ni todoke
» [7] mother/earthbound zero
( preview )

the rest are here @ weatherboxes

15th March 2010

mixophrygian10:27pm: funk
Does anyone else feel like they have this inexplicable love of funk that could only have come from playing Earthbound?

8th January 2010

lady_bealzabub12:06pm: ICONS:
- Phantom of the Opera (18 Icons)
- Mother/Earthbound Series (14 Icons)
- Shock Treatment (16 Icons)



23rd December 2009

motherfic11:52pm: merry christmas
Mother/Earthbound FANFICTION MEME

Kind of like a kink meme, but with less kink! Unless you want it to be.

Come on, it'll be fun.

8th November 2009

witchy_girl00912:08am: Blog Crew, anyone?
Hi there. New member here, posting her first post in the community, and I would like to say that I have made some blog crews which are currently open for claiming, and MOTHER / Earthbound is one of them. :D

Well, what are you waiting for? Claim now! But of course, reading the rules first is a must. :3

Current Mood: accomplished

29th August 2009

acdeathsquad10:49pm: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Science

is this any relation to Happy Happy Village and said cult in Earthbound?

2nd July 2009

sephira_11:39pm: Hey guys, I joined this community a little while ago. I come bearing a bit of EB fanart for you all. Enjoy!
Ness vs PokeyCollapse )

26th June 2009

- fobbies, mr. saturns, bidoofs, ness, strawberry tofu,
little miss marshmallow, lucas, ultimate chimera

here @ theseiconsstink

14th March 2009

the_hylozoist1:59am: Paula Darling

First official, final-version girl is done! Meet Paula Polestar, a sweet girl with psychic powers from the popular game Earthbound. Even in the face of true evil, Paula never shows any anger, just a beautiful bravery that ends up helping her friends bring down the evil Giygas. Made from felt, embroidery floss, and miscellanious scraps and shinies, she has been interpreted and made into a 'Darling' - an original art doll designed and handsewn by myself. She is not meant to be played with or given to a child, she is meant to sit and pretty up your room.

Paula is for sale - she will be listed soon in my Etsy shop, if you like her make sure to do a search for Earthbound in the near future!

Current Mood: artistic

1st February 2009

shotas6:07pm: icons!
PERSONA 4 : 84 (SPOILERS i think)
Devil Summoner Raidou : 3
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's : 11

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here @ reuninstall

29th December 2008

sarabella2:37pm: Happy Holidays
Holiday Greetings (image) Collapse )


(These were my submission to the Starmen.net Holiday Fun Fest this year. ^^ )
Current Mood: cheerful
signedlongint10:25am: I uploaded this for a friend and figured at least SOMEone here would appreciate it: Trance Bound.

12th December 2008

usakochan5:47pm: Earthbound Scarves!
Heya kiddies!

I have one last batch of Earthbound scarves for sale in time for Christmas! These would make epic presents for a friend, loved one, or ever yourself. :D These last few are the only ones I can guarentee out before Christmas. ^^

I have two left of Ness

And 3 left of Lucas! :D

Thanks so so so much for checking out my stuff! ♥ x3
Current Mood: accomplished

17th November 2008

ambiguous_blue8:14pm: RED CAP BRAVE
RED CAP BRAVE, a MOTHER 2 (hopefully later expanding to 3) forum roleplay, is up and running! We're brand new, so feel free to join! The world is still expanding!

Link And PlotCollapse )

13th November 2008

ambiguous_blue11:28pm: Some Icons
My style is still a bit inconsistent, but feel free to use these icons here on LiveJournal! There's only one icon with any real spoilers (it's the Pig Mask Commander) and it's icon 15.

9 earthbound/mother 2
7 mother 3
5 tales of vesperia
3 shooting star rockman 3 / megaman star force 3


Here @ soggy_crayon

4th November 2008

tamekichi3:02pm: MOTHER IS LOVE :D
I made this "is love" graphic for my LJ profile and a couple friends of mine liked it so... I'm just gonna pimp the code out here I guess. Feel free to take it--

MOTHER is a Melody of Love ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Mother sprites are from Starmen.net and the Mother 2 and 3 sprites are rips from the material section of this site.

I hope this sort of post is okay.
Current Mood: cheerful

17th October 2008

applekid8:02am: SNOOPY DANCE TIME
The patch is out!

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