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The Early November Community

For all of this, I'm better off without you.

The Early November
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This community is dedicated to The Early November and all of it's sexyness.

We all know The Early November rocks, so join the community already!!

[ this community is for all of the early november fans in livejournal. if you have any stories from shows you've been to, or pictures you've taken or found this is where you post them. it's also for everyone who has made anything to do with the early november. like desktop pictures, user icons, aim icons, banners, covers of their songs, anything. ]

moderated and maintained by: ifeellikecrying aka blade_you_stain and _must_be aka suckuhh

We will both be super sweet to you, unless you don't follow the rules.


There is only one rule: When you first join, introduce yourself.

Also join...band_shirt

and purevolumemusic