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Hello Drama Queens...

This community has been inactive for quite some time. I've decided to overhaul it.
This is no longer a rating community or a theater community.

This is now a community to rant/vent/bitch/moan/groan about anything and everything in your life.
Got a bad hair cut? Bitch about it.
Boyfriend cheating on you? Cry about it.
Best friend get the same prom dress as you? Tear her apart here.
Hate Republicans? Share it...

I'm sure you get the point. This community will be friends only in order to keep the drama contained.

You're all welcome to stay, but if you don't have us on your friends list, I'll be removing you since well, I'm sure you haven't checked in on us in quite some time.
If you choose to stay, please post a "re-introduction" so that we know who you are.
Include the following:
Pet Peeve:
At the end of the month anyone who has not posted that info will be removed from the community, you can re-apply for membership.

I am sure I'm going to be needing a mod or two. Let me know if you want to help.



This girl is a DRAMA QUEEN

aparently my pictures didn't come out...so here they are!


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This girl is a drama queen

This Girl is a Drama Queen...

this girl is a DRAMA QUEEN!!!

this girl is a drama queen! application

This girl is a drama queen!

Sorry, didn't see the lj cut thing at first. My apologies.
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