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06 February 2006 @ 12:10 am
xendrine efx
the kind bought over the counter
any good? what kinds of results?
thanks <3
The Former Draco Malfoy
06 February 2006 @ 12:29 am
Has anyone here ordered any Phentermine 37.5mg from Direct Pharmacy http://www.direct-pharmacy.net/Index.asp? I just got some and they are loose in a little plastic bag, half blue and half white with A-167 printed on. I wondered if they usually come lose like that, not in a box or bottle?
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06 February 2006 @ 10:18 am
This is lilballerinac under a new name (like i ever posted anyway) What are some diet pills that aren't caffeine based? Most like Zantrex 3 rely on energy, right? I just want a really good appetite suppresant, i guess.. I don't know- just help!
06 February 2006 @ 10:51 am
i saw hydroxycut on sale(dont know how much) today at gnc so if you like it or use it gogogo
06 February 2006 @ 02:45 pm
Hey guys!!! I’m back! Gosh guys, I missed you so much…

I really need to loose weight now. I’ll be very serious about this! Take each step and day consistently and seriously. I won’t let any pound come to my way anymore! Gosh! I hate food!!! It makes my stomach really hurl… hmpf! Anyway back to my lines, i started taking Herbalife again. It’s almost empty na so I really need to take time and buy another. But I hope that’s enough na… my goal right now changed, I recently noticed my cheeks blow up again so I decided to change and make my goal to 87-88 pounds. No more than 90 lbs. ok? So I really need your supports guys… I hope we can help each other and be in our goals as soon as we can… lets be in each others backs and be THIN as we can! Ok?

Anyhow, I really need to go now, as much as I want to share more stories during our trip, I can’t. I still have to loosen up a bit. I’m talking about my stuff that’s not yet back in my closet. I think I bought too much clothes!?!? Anyway, I really need to go. I’ll post pictures if I can… love yah!!! Mwahh!!

Love lots,
Ysa (pink_choco)
06 February 2006 @ 03:46 pm
1. Goodlines
Tin can-$6
2. 7 Days miracle Cap
Box- $3
2005 Edition-$4
3. Modeling_-$6
4. Lightness Yellow-$5
Lightness Blue-$5
5. Pearl White (2in1)
Blue box-$6
Pink box-$6
6. Perfect Slim
7. 5 Days Slimming-$6
8. Ballerina
Box (20caps/10 days)-$3
Tincan (w/ aloe extract)-$4
Tincan (w/ Pearl whitening)-$4
9. Bio-lissome
Tincan (72caps)-$7
10. Nature’s Blend Green Tea
(60 caps/2moths)-$6
11. Pure Rose Hips
11. ECS Slimming Formula -$5
12. Slim Shot-$7
13. Trim Energy-$5
14. Magic Slim Herb Tea-$4
15. Magic Slim Capsules-$5
16. Pearl White Slim Pro-$6
17. Elegant Shape-$6
18. Showzimee-$6
19. Slim Up Tea-$4
20. Slim Mints-$7
21. Sure Enough Slim Capsules-$5
22. Ballerina tea-$4
23. DK Keepfit Reducing & whitening tea-$3
24. DK Keepfit Reducing & Whitenning Capsules-$4
25. DK Green Tea Extracts Capsules-$5
26. DK Whitenning & Slimming Capsules-$5
27. DK Whitenning & Slimming Tea-$3
28. DK Pearl Beauty (2in1)-$5
29. DK Active White (2in1)-$5
30. DK Bio- Slender Tea-$4
31. DK Grape Seed Extract-$6
32. DK Body Aroma-$6
33. Beauty & Lovely (2in1)
34. Slim & Beauty w/ Vit. E (2in1) -$7
35. Perfect White Slim Express
FROM JAPAN (2in1) - $7
36. Zhen De Shou
37. Lightsome-$4
38. Modeleasy
39. Baolizi-$6

40. Bangkok Pills-$44
41. Bangkok Level 3-$69
42. Sibutramine-$35

1. Met Tathione Gluta (30 pcs.)-$52
2. Twin Lab Glutha (60pcs.)-$28
3. Japan Glutathione Ph 338 ( 90pcs./30days)-$35
4. Dr. James (60pcs.)-$18
5. MEGAThione (60pcs./ 30days)-$29
6. Active White L-Glutathione (Box/60caps.)-$29
7. Active White Soap-$3
8. Natuform L-Glutathione-$27
9. Tathione 307 (90 tablets/ 30days/ blisterpack)-$49
10. Tathione 307 ( 45tablets/15days/blisterpack)-$29
11. Unbranded Glutathione (100mg/30caps.)-$49
12. Vitamin USA 885MG ( 60caps./bottle)-$35
13. Miss White Princess-$26

1. Amira Magic Soap 135g- $3
2. Amira Magic Creams
3. Magic Lotion 125ml-$4
4. Magic Beauty Tablet (30tablets/box)-$26

1. Magic Soap 100g-$2.50
2. Magic Lotion 250ml-$16

1. Jameela Magic Soap 135g-$3
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1. Melika Magic Cream (NO MERCURY CONTENT)
2. Melika Magic Soap-$4

1. Pervil Magic Cream

F. IJ Magic cream

G. Maguey Magic Lotion 20g-$4

1. Jaoli Cream-$2.50
2. Jaoili Soap-$2

Bleaching cream:
Magic White and Light-$2

1. Secret Glow
(Make your skin Fairer w/ pinkish Glow)
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Secret glow Facial Serum-$8
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2. May Fair Products -$2
Mayfair ARMPIT Cream with AHA and Vit C & E
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Mayfair HERBAL FOOT CREAM with Vitamin C (2 weeks)
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Mayfair Eye Cream with Collagen (3 weeks)
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Mayfair Whitening Cream for (bikini) (1 week)
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Mayfair Pink Nipple Cream (1week)
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Eye gel
Underarm Whitening Cream
Pink Nipple Cream
Anti-Wrinkle & Facial whitening cream
06 February 2006 @ 07:52 pm
I need suggestions for some very low cal breakfast/lunch munchies. supposedly, Zantrex-3 "works best when taken with food (30 min before eating)" so I'm trying to come up with some low cal stuff to eat. usually, i just eat 3/4th a cup of grapenut flakes with light soymilk, but cereal is getting boring. i need something thats quick too because i'm usually running late. helphelphelp.

any help is appreciated.
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06 February 2006 @ 08:18 pm
So I've been researching some diet pills and narrowed some down to:

green tea fat burner pills
Zantrex 3
Twinlab- ripped fuel
xendrine efx

Of these, which do you think is the most effective and the one that is the least dangerous to my health? (and cheaper?)
I saw Twinlab at GNC today but I wasn't sure if it was worth it to get it without getting any input from others.

06 February 2006 @ 08:34 pm
okay so i have a question...im on slimquick and ive just finsihed my first week and im on my 2 months of birthcontrol
question 1:do diet pills in general screw up your birthcontrol?

Question 2: Do diet pills make you guys more sensitive and emotional becasue since saturday night ive been having like a mental break down!
06 February 2006 @ 08:34 pm
okay so i have a question...im on slimquick and ive just finsihed my first week and im on my 2 months of birthcontrol
question 1:do diet pills in general screw up your birthcontrol?

Question 2: Do diet pills make you guys more sensitive and emotional becasue since saturday night ive been having like a mental break down!
06 February 2006 @ 09:08 pm
I bought Guarana today at GNC (thank god we have one in the mall!!) Affordable, plus i heard good things about it from here. I'm a little nervous, though, because caffeine in Zantrex 3 and me did not mix. Murp. Oh well, i'm sure it will work out.. SURE.
06 February 2006 @ 09:38 pm
1. Name: Holly
2. Age: 18
3. Height: Umm I think 5'3 or 5'4
4. Weight: I don't own a scale, but last time I weighed myself at a friend's house, I was around 125.
5. Type of ED: Anorexia
6. Diet pills you take/have taken: Trimspa and I used to take green tea pills
7. How long you've been anorexic, bulimic, etc.: Ummm I've had eating issues since I was in like, 7th grade....

Heyy so I just joined this community, and I wanted to introduce myself. My name's Holly, and I've had eating issues and issues with my weight since I was atleast 13 or so. I kind of was "normal" for about the first two years of high school, and then, last year, I realized just how much weight I had put on. I originally said that I wouldn't buy diet pills, but I did buy green tea pills. Basically, for some reason, the pills always upset my stomach and gave me terrible pains in my stomach that got so bad that I wouldn't even be able to stand up. So recently, I decided to try diet pills.

I checked out reviews and stuff online, and I figured I'd try Trimspa for a while. I'm almost done with the first bottle, and I'm not sure how effective it's been. I live with my mom, and we don't own a scale, but judging on my physical appearance, not much has changed. If anything, my stomach might look slightly flatter because I've been doing a lot more crunches and exercises lately.

But whatever. I figure when the bottle runs out, I'll try something else. Any recommendations?
06 February 2006 @ 10:46 pm

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Stellar Stella
06 February 2006 @ 10:51 pm
lipodrene w/ ephedra: http://www.thatswholesale.com/db69.html#ch230
Stacker 3 w/ ephedra (mini bottle just to try it out first..): http://www.thatswholesale.com/db69.html#ch378

i heard that lipodrene is a great appetite suppressant (which i really really need), but i hate the idea of spending $35 on something that might not work for me or make me sick. That's why i was wondering about the stacker3 mini bottles. $14 for 20 pills.

Anybody had any good/bad experience with these? Suggestions?
And any experience with thatswholesale.com? Trustworthy/secure?