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Log: Nanjirou, Sakuno, Sengoku [Nov. 30th, 2003|08:34 pm]
Match Point RP Logs


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Summary: Information for the Ryoma report is gathered as Sakuno and Sengoku meet Nanjirou at the park. Files exchange hands, Nanjirou is decreed evil, Sengoku is entirely too nice to little girls, and it seems that everyone thinks Sakuno and Ryoma should hook up--in one form or another, the kid's doom is guaranteed.

Nanjirou:  *is sleeping, as usual, in the park. It's an especially nice but cool day out, so he has his heavier robes on as he lays on a bench.  People just walk by him and figure he's nothing but a neighborhood monk*


::enter a duo! As promised, Sengoku has gone along with Sakuno to meet the monk::


Sengoku:  ::looking around curiously::  Neh, do you know what he looks like?


Nanjirou:   *snoring.  Loudly.*


Sengoku:  ::tilts to the side to peer at the shape sleeping on the bench across the way from them::  ::tilts back the other way::  ::walks over to peer down at the sleeping Nanjirou instead::  ::pokes him experimentally::


Nanjirou:   *exerts lighting reflexes of...rolling over!*


Sakuno: ::hovers a little nervously around Sengoku:: . . . Maybe that's, uh, not him--I'm not sure, I forgot to ask . . . .


Sakuno: He just said he was a monk, I think.


Sengoku:  ::looks around again::  Looks like he's the only monk here .... ::pokes Nanjirou again::  Oya?


Nanjirou:   *wakes up slowly* Eh?  What the...Oh!  I see! *hops up* Why, a couple has come to me for advice on their first date!  ...I have to say she seems a little young for you....


Sakuno: Ah! ::surprised by the sudden movement:: I--uh . . . n--no, I'm not--he's not . . . .


Sengoku:  ::smiles!::  But she's cute!  ::pats Sakuno lightly on the head:: 


Sengoku:  Neh, monk-san, I don't suppose you were meeting a Ryouma-fan today?


Nanjirou:  Ooooh, you know my son...? *squint* Oh, wait, I know you two.  You're the old hag's granddaughter...and you play for that pervert Banji.


Sakuno: ::. . . old hag?:: You . . . know my grandma?


Sakuno: ::what a rude old man, though!::


Sengoku:  ::sticks his hands behind his head and ponders Nanjirou:  :  Pervert? Banji?  ::looks VASTLY amused by the idea::  Hehe ... maybe that explains why he let the kiddo be a manager ...


Nanjirou:   Che.  Stupid old man...he was a perfect match for that stupid old woman! 


Sengoku:  ::shrugs -- the romantic lives of his wrinkling elders is not exactly a subject he ponders often::  ::just smiles and nods::


Sakuno: I . . . ah . . . . Why are you talking about my grandma that way, Mr. Monk? She's actually very nice . . . .


Nanjirou:    Ha!  Nice!  That's a laugh!  I'll never forget how she ruined my chances with Kimiko-chan....*looks angry for a minute and then sits down*  Anyway.  Didn't I take you training for tennis one day?


Sakuno: ::. . . he did?:: Um . . . I . . . guess . . . . ::nods hesitantly--she actually can't remember::


Nanjirou:   Saa, you kids these days, with all those hormones and romance!  It's alright if you don't remember, you have other things on your mind.  *nods*  So, why do you want info on Ryoma? You have a rather fine boy here...


Sakuno: I--::aaaah, all these talks of romance and hormones and--she blushes:: I'm, um . . . supposed to write a report on Ryoma-kun. For, uh, school. ::'for a fanclub' sounds a little silly::


Sengoku:  Neh, I'm her escort when she meets strange old men. 


Sakuno: ::nod::


Nanjirou:    Strange...?  OLD?!  Geez, what respect....*scoff*


Sakuno: I'm sorry! ::oh god, she's offending a monk::


Sengoku:  ::pokes at Nanjirou's robes::  Strange as in she doesn't know you and only talked to you online and old as in older than her.  ::nods sagely::  You just can't have young women meeting older men they don't know .... You could be EVIL!


Nanjirou:    You're weird.  Don't touch me.


Sakuno: ::. . . maybe she shouldn't have come . . . .::


Nanjirou:    Anyway.  So, what do you want to know about Seishounen?


Sengoku:  ::crushes the impulse to show Nanjirou how weird he can be ... but only because Sakuno came here for info::  ::ponders the clouds instead::


Sakuno: ::oh! he's talking to her again:: I, um . . . well, anything would be fine, I guess . . . . Things I don't know.


Sakuno: Thank you for helping me, by the way . . . . .


Nanjirou:   It's the least I can do, of course!  You wouldn't...have a crush on Ryoma?


Sengoku:  ::grins at the sky at that::


Sakuno: ::super-mega-ultra-blush of mortified embarrassment:: I--uh--well--that's--! ::aaah:: . . . Um, that's . . . I don't, uh . . . it's . . . . I'm sorry. This is embarrassing.


Sakuno: . . . How do you know Ryoma-kun, anyway?


Nanjirou:   *laughs*  I'm his father!


Sakuno: ::wow. This will take a moment to absorb::


Sengoku:  ::peers curiously at Nanjirou, his grin takes on this quality that can only be called 'entertained'::


Sakuno: . . . ::begins to babble very, very fast:: I--oh--oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know, I hope you don't mind I'm, uh, writing a report about your son, I don't mean it badly and it's not like I'm . . . uh . . . stalking! Or anything! It's for a friend!


Sakuno: I'm so sorry!


Sengoku:  ::has to cover his mouth not to say something::


Nanjirou:    Hahahaha!! *laughs*  Mind?!  Of course not!


Sakuno: ::runs out of breath and looks down, completely and utterly humi--:: . . . Huh?


Nanjirou:    Don't worry about it.  Truuuuuust me.  Here. *takes a folder out of his robe* You can find some pretty....interesting stuff.


Sengoku:  ::oh man, this dude is evil like his mom is evil::


Sakuno: But . . . you're his father . . . . I wouldn't . . . ::looks up and notices the folder:: Uh, okay.


Sakuno: Thank you!

Sengoku:  ::feels
sorry for Ryouma::  ::nods at Nanjirou:  :  You're an evil, evil man. 


Sengoku:  I hope you never meet my mom.  ::smiles::


Nanjirou:    ok, we don't need to bring mothers into this.


Sakuno: ::wonders if she should look in here now, or wait until she gets home::


Sengoku:  ::looks at the clouds::  Yet another man humbled by his woman.  Wow, that must be an interesting life...


Nanjirou:    What're you babbling about?


Sakuno: ::was this hard to put together? There seems to be so much inside . . . ::


Nanjirou:    *leery look at Sen, turns back to Sakuno* Anyway, you can keep it.  I have the originals stashed at home.


Sakuno: Really? Oh, thank you very much!


Nanjirou:   *grins* Don't mention it.


Sakuno: This should help a lot . . . .


Sengoku:  ::perks up::  We're ready to go?


Nanjirou:    Saa.  Let me know if you need anything else, of course.


Sakuno: ::nod:: You'll . . . be here again? I mean, I don't think I'll need any more, but . . .


Nanjirou:    I'm always here. *points to the temple, which isn't that far away* We live over there.


Sakuno: Really? ::this is useful information; now she knows where Ryoma-kun's house is::


Nanjirou:    Yup. *has made sure nothing in there, obviously, reveals his name*


Sakuno: Alright. Ah . . . Sengoku-kun, if you're ready, I guess we can go . . . .


Sakuno: Thank you again, Mr. Monk!


Nanjirou:    Don't mention it. *lays back down, and is instantly asleep*


Sakuno: And . . . thank you too for coming with me, Sengoku-san. I really hope it didn't take too much of your time!


Sengoku:  Yay~!  ::wants to bound off completely unleashed::  ::smiles down at Sakuno::  You're welcome and it wasn't any time at all!


Sakuno: ::smile:: Though . . . it must be irritating for you, everyone always thinks I'm your girlfriend.


Sengoku:  :;chuckles::  I don't mind ... ::curiously::  Neh, do you think that file will give you what you need to know to win Ryouma?


Sakuno: . . . Win?


Sengoku:  ::peers at her curiously::  You like him, right?


Sakuno: ::blush:: I . . . how do you know?


Sakuno: I think I do.


Sakuno: . . . Though, I mean, lately . . . . I've been thinking about other stuff, too, and . . . . I'm confused.


Sengoku:  Your journal, of course!  ::smiles and nods to that next part::  Thinking about what?  ::sounds curious::


Sakuno: I . . . aah, well, that's just, uh--I don't know . . . . It's . . . I'm kind of embarrassed . . . .


Nanjirou:   *has, without notice, been following them.  Eye for an eye...info for info*


Sengoku:  ::gentle::  Neh, there's no need to be embarrassed ... you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.


Sakuno: ::nod:: Thank you.


Sengoku:  ::pats her shoulder since he can't ruffle her braided hair::


Sakuno: ::smile::


Sengoku:  I knew you could smile!  ::grins::


Sengoku:  So!  What's our plan for winning you Ryouma's heart?


Sakuno: ::goes red, per usual:: P--plan? I . . . I don't, really . . . .


Sakuno: Our?


Sengoku:  Sure~  I'll help you!


Sakuno: I . . . what? ::completely helpless:: . . . Why?


Sengoku:  Why not?


Sakuno: But--I--it's not something that you'd, uh, be interested in . . . .


Sengoku:  But I'll do it if that's what you want.


Sakuno: I . . . . ::aah, she's used to getting this sort of thing from girls, but not Sengoku-san:: I . . . that would be like . . . matchmaking, right?


Sengoku:  :;considers::  I guess it is .... but what else are friends for?


Sakuno: . . . I guess. Thank you.


Sengoku:  ::just smiles at her::

[OOC EDIT] If anyone could suggest some way to make these line breaks not so huge [without having to reformat it manually line-by-line], I would be eternally in debt.

From: stay_focused
2003-12-01 12:39 am (UTC)
Use the special characters search/replace in MS Word. Should probably work ^^
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