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On Saturday? Before the attack of the Hiyoshi? Damn you, Sengoku, you're too social! - Deuce - Matchpoint Role Play Logs [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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On Saturday? Before the attack of the Hiyoshi? Damn you, Sengoku, you're too social! [Nov. 29th, 2003|11:18 pm]
Match Point RP Logs


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Summary: Sakuno brings Sengoku a birthday present and receives a kiss and a walk home.

::Saturday at Yamabuki junior high. The campus shines brightly, class doors are swung open, and students scramble to just get out of this prison my god--school's just been dismissed.::

Sakuno: ::hovers nervously by the entrance; she's a little out of breath from walking from Seigaku, but wouldn't want to miss the person she's waiting for. She has a small package in her hands.::

Sengoku: ::goes hurtling out of the doors, hopping onto the stair's rail and sliding down on his backpack:: ::at it's end, he goes flying off to tumble along the ground and end up sprawled on the concrete, contemplating the sky::

::other students just step over him like he does this sort of stupid crap every day:;

Sengoku: Almost made it! ::fist in air::

::which nearly contacts with someone's balls at they step over him:: AHHHH! Don't do that!

Sengoku: Hehe .... ::sits up, smiling::

Sakuno: ::. . . was that a thump? Looks around--and my, what a coincidence, here's the very person she was looking for!:: Ah--Sengoku-san! ::attempts to maneuver through the bustling students over to him::

Sakuno: . . . Are you all right?

Sengoku: Sakuno-chan? ::smiles, rubbing the back of his head:: ::nods to her question:: I'm fine. How are you today? ::stands up, brushing his uniform off absently::

Sakuno: I . . . um, I'm good . . . .

Sengoku: Cool~

Sakuno: Oh! And happy birthday! I'm sorry, I didn't know before, I would have said something when I ran into you and Fuji-san . . . .

Sengoku: Thank you. ::smiles:; Neh, how could you know if I didn't mention it?

Sakuno: I, um . . . ::he has a point:: . . . still. I should have asked.

Sengoku: :;easily:: We've only talked a couple times. No reason to ask. ::tilts his head at her:: Did you come all the way here to wish me happy birthday?

Sakuno: I--::nod:: yeah, kind of . . . . Oh! And this. ::holds out the package, which is squishy and a little oddly-shaped; she tried to wrap it as best she could, but the result is questionable:: ::it has a 'happy birthday, Sengoku-san' card on top::

Sengoku: ::accepts it, peering at it with avid curiosity, before carefully taking the card off the top and holding it aside as he pulls the paper off the gift -- a little awkwardly because he's holding the card, but he manages to make a happy birthday devastation out of it::

Sakuno: ::watches him a little nervously--will he like it?:: I'm . . . well, I'm not very good at this sort of thing, I might have burnt them, and I wasn't sure what kind you'd like so I just picked a flavor . . . . ::ee::

Sengoku: Muffins! Lucky! ::plucks one out, seemingly oblivious of their faults and bites into it::

Sengoku: Mmmmmm, muffin. ::chews thoughtfully and swallows:: ::smiles brightly at Sakuno, apparently perfectly happy about his gift:: These are good! ::leans over to very, very lightly brush his lips across her forehead in a suitably chaste kiss -- he figures she's probably properly enamored with Ryouma-chan and wants to save her first kiss-kiss for him:: Thank you, Sakuno-chan.

Sakuno: ::whoop, there goes her composure--on the forehead or not, she was still kissed by a guy:: I--uh--ah--I'm, uh, glad you like them!

Sakuno: ::blush::

Sengoku: ::grins at the blush:: Want one? ::plucks another muffin out to nibble on and offers the package to Sakuno for her to also select one to snack on::

Sakuno: Ah . . . . ::nod:: If that's all right, thank you . . . .

Sakuno: ::takes it and bites:: ::chew, chew--wait, mortification:: . . . Oh no, it's burnt!

Sengoku: ::looks amused:: Only on the outside. ::peels his open to show the good part inside:: See, it's all yummy inside. :;takes another bite of his, apparently unperturbed:;

Sakuno: I'm so sorry, I must have left them in the oven too long, I've never been good at--::and the brain catches up:: . . . Really?

Sengoku: ::smiles gently:: Really.

Sakuno: Ah . . . well, that's . . . ::mumbling; she's still kind of embarrassed:: good, I guess . . . .

Sakuno: I wanted to make something you'd like.

Sengoku: I like it. I've never gotten muffins before. ::sounds vastly intrigued by the notion of muffins for a birthday:: ::smiles down at Sakuno:: Neh, but it's always the thought that counts the most, Sakuno-chan. I like it best that you thought to make me a present at all. It's special that way!

Sakuno: . . . You're so nice, Sengoku-san.

Sengoku: And you're sweet, Sakuno-chan. ::smiles, shuffling the stuff in his hands around so he can take one of Sakuno's hands in his and start walking off the school grounds, keeping his usual mad run to an acceptable stroll:: Mind if I take you home?

Sakuno: That's--ah--fine! ::attempts to match his walking speed, being attached and all:: You don't . . . have to be anywhere?

Sengoku: ::slows down so she can keep up with his longer legs:: Nope!

Sakuno: ::smiles; she feels so fluffy all of a sudden:: Thank you.

Summary: Sometime later in the day, Sengoku ends up at the street courts where he attempts to perfect his rail trick to absolutely no success and plays a round of tennis with Jin. Then there is more rail hopping as well as Jin pestering. What would we do without Jin pestering?

Sengoku: ::learning the steps to the street courts like he was born to them, running up the steps two at a time:: ::on a whim, he jumps onto the stair railing and skids down on his backpack, ending up flying off the end and into a bush::

Sengoku: Ow. ::pondering the sky as he spits out branches::

Sengoku: ::climbs out of the vegetation and dashes back up the stairs::

Jin: ::has been hitting a tennis ball against one a wall for a few minutes and already feeling bored::

Sengoku: ::singing something horrible and trendy as he pauses by one of the courts to do what can only be called a chicken dance as he scrabbles to pull a bit of vine from down his sweater::

Jin: ::has abandoned hitting just one tennis ball and is about to add another, when he notices something orange in his peripheral vision::

Sengoku: ::squirms around, leaping from one foot to the other and then -- got it! -- he pulls out the offending bit of scratchy weed, with a little June bug attached to the end:: Awww, how cute. ::watches it fly off::

Jin: ::watches Sengoku out of the corner of his eye, grinning slightly::

Sengoku: :;rubs the back of his head, brushing more leaf litter out of it, as he looks around the courts::

Sengoku: ::.....and spots Jin, who is pretty hard to miss:: HI, JIN! ::waves!::
Jin: ::turns to face Sengoku:: Hey.

Sengoku: ::smiles and flicks the victory sign:: Lucky! You acknowledged my existence without threats!

Jin: Che.

Sengoku: ::trots over, still trailing debris:: Neh, whatcha doing?

Jin: What's it look like?

Sengoku: Playing with a wall? ::nods sagely:: There are better things to play with, Jin, like the kiddo for instance ...

Jin: Yeah, but he isn't here. ::catches the tennis ball with his hand::

Sengoku: ::peers around at the courts:; You could play with one of them.
Jin: ::scoffs:: Yeah, like that would happen.

Sengoku: ::tilts to one side before bouncing up and down:: Guess you're volunteering to play with me, then!

Jin: ::glares::

Sengoku: ::grins that insufferable grin at him:: Well?

Jin: Whatever.

Sengoku: Lucky! ::amused:: Neh, you're giving in too easily, lately.

Jin: ::pretends to ignore the comment and walks towards the tennis court::

Sengoku: ::bounces along behind him, digging in his backpack for his miraculously unbroken racquet::

Jin: ::stands on his side of the tennis court and waits::

Sengoku: ::bounds into the court:: Ready!

Jin: Which? ::spins his racket::

Sengoku: Haven't we done this a thousand times already? It always lands on my side. Smooth.

Jin: ::scowls, and watches as it lands...smooth, of course:: Che. ::picks up his racket::

Sengoku: ::pulls a tennis ball out of his pocket as he moves to the serve box:: ::serves!::

Jin: ::returns the serve effortlessly::

Sengoku: ::is practically magnetized to the ball, returns::

Jin: ::sends the ball flying back over the net::

Sengoku: ::whips his racquet around and sends it shooting across the net, only to have it drop like a rocket right past the net, slam into the ground, and skid across the surface of it to bounce up in the farthest corner of the court:: ::is rather curious to see if Jin, with all his mad skillz, can return it::

Jin: ::dashes over to the far corner, his long limbs making it rather easy to reach the ball and send it flying back over the net::

Sengoku: ::catch and return!::

Jin: ::after the match Jin walks over to one of the benches and sits down::

Sengoku: ::leans back, balancing his racquet on his nose::

Sengoku: :;after walking off the court, of course, so someone else can use it::

Jin: ::watches Sengoku::

Sengoku: ::looks like a seal for the five minutes he attempts this:: ::quickly grows bored, though, and moves on to other entertainment, like asking a few other casual players if they would care for a game:: ::he's soon ensnared in another casual tennis match, though he ends up winning this one::

Jin: ::grows bored of watching Sengoku eventually, and of tennis in general and decides to leave::

::ball goes careening wildly out of control and slams into Jin's head::

Sengoku: ........ sorry! ^^; Neh, Jin, could you throw that back?

Jin: ::turns to glare at Sengoku:: No.

Sengoku: ::flops, despite the fact that his tennis partner is looking very unhappy about Jin's glare being turned in his direction:: Awwwww .... why not?

Jin: Because.

Sengoku: Because why?

Jin: Che. ::turns his back to Sengoku, and continues on his way out of the tennis courts::

Sengoku: ::gives his chase::

::his former partner meanwhile, makes the sign of the cross over Sen's soul::

Sengoku: ::grabs his backpack on his way::

Jin: ::has reached the stairs, and is walking down::

Sengoku: :;stairs? who needs stairs? repeats that trick of his with rail:: ::and once more crashes headlong into the bushes:;

Jin: ::watches Sengoku fly past him and crash into the bushes:: Oi.

Jin: You all right?

::hand appears from the bushes and waves at Jin:: Just fine!

Jin: Crazy...just crazy...::mutters under his breath as he reaches the bottom step::

Sengoku: ::scrambles out of the bramble, spitting leaves and rubbing absently on a fresh scratch on his cheek::

Jin: ::grabs Sengoku's wrist:: Rubbing it like that will just make it worse...::pulls out a towel in his bag and puts it into Sengoku's hand, letting go of his wrist::

Sengoku: It's just a little scratch. It'll seal like that. :;snaps his free fingers as he dabs the towel against his cheek for a moment before handing it back to Jin:: Thanks.

Jin: ::takes the towel back, continues walking::

Sengoku: ::follows, picking leaves out of his hair:: Ball?

Jin: What?

Sengoku: ^_^ You took our ball!

Jin: What the fuck are you talking about?

Sengoku: You have the shortest memory alive! Even more than mine!

Jin: Che.

Sengoku: ::hands behind head, ruffling the orange strands to get the last of the debris out:: Is this another lost cause?

Jin: Probably.

Sengoku: ::looks at the sky:: Ah well ... one day I shall collect upon the righteous death of these causes.

Jin: You and your damn causes. ::shakes his head::

Sengoku: They're noble! I am their spokesperson from beyond the grave!

Jin: ::looks at Sengoku with an amused expression:: You're fucking crazy.

Sengoku: One man's crazy is another man's sane. ::smiles::

Jin: I guess. ::grins::

Sengoku: ::starts singing to this grin:: Now we'll dance with the daisies in mid September and speak with the fairies of fall~!

Jin: Shut up.

Sengoku: But that'll make the flowers unhappy. ::smiles innocently::

Jin: ::glares::

Sengoku: ::is unaffected by glares, you'll have to try harder, Jin::

Jin: Why the fuck are you still following me?

Sengoku: ::ponders this worthy question:: Hmmm ... I don't know?

Jin: ::sighs::

Sengoku: ::SMILE!::

Jin: ::mutters:: Crazy.

Sengoku: ::an amused sound at Jin's standard reaction::

::a blue jay goes darting between them after some sort of edible being and in that moment, Sengoku is immediately and completely distracted from Jin::

Jin: ::continues walking down the street, ignoring both the bird and Sengoku::

Sengoku: ::is peering at the bird's attack with great interest, totally missing how Jin is escaping::