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Desperation Part 4
by Starr Dust (starrdust411)
at January 30th, 2006 (08:10 pm)

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Title: Desperation
Author: starrdust411
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: R
Summary: After discovering that he's pregnant, a humiliated Will Turner leaves town in search of the father of his child.
Disclaimer: I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates of the Caribbean, its story and characters, is owned by Walt Disney Pictures.
Warnings: AU, Drama, Angst, Mpreg
Author's Note: Uhh... not edited because... I don't feel like it right now.

Part Four

Gibbs and Anamaria sat in stunned silence, waiting for any sign that Jack's words just now had been some type of tasteless joke. When no such indication came, Anamaria felt her mind go blank with the lunacy of the situation. Not long ago, if someone had asked her what the pirate Captain thought of Will Turner she would have confidently said that he thought the boy was a bit naive, but that there was a fondness between the two, but Jack's words had completely thrown that theory out the window.

"I... I don't understand Cap'n," Gibbs began, regaining his ability to speak first. "Why on earth would ye want to get rid o' the lad? He ain't done anythin' wrong. The whole crew's gettin' 'long quite well with 'im an' he's been doin' well at all the task we've been givin' ta 'im."

"Ya even said yourself dat he was doin' jus' fine 'ere," Anamaria pointed out.

"Actually, what I said was 'when the whelps not retchin' his brains out, he's doin' a fine job 'round here,'" Jack corrected as his gaze returned to the window.

"Is this 'bout the lad's seasickness then?" Gibbs asked, quirking an eyebrow at Jack. "Cap'n, it's not that serious of a matter. The lad will get over it in time."

Jack sighed rather loudly, rolling his eyes (and head) in an unnecessarily exaggerated manor. "This is not 'bout the whelp bein' seasick!" he said firmly, clearly tired of the topic of "seasickness" being brought up over and over again. With a grunt, the pirate placed his feet on the table with a thump and pulled out a long knife from his boot and began picking his fingers with it. "Even if the whelp weren't constantly retchin' 'imself bare, I'd still be sayin' that I want 'im off o' me ship."

"But why?" Anamaria asked wearily. She was tired of this conversation and how it seemed to be going absolutely no where. She was starting to feel the beginnings of a headache forming in the back of her eyes. "He asked ya ta join the crew an' ya said yes. What makes ya want ta get ride o' him now? Why didn' ya just tell 'im right from the start ta go home?"

For a while Jack was quiet. He just sat leaning back in his chair absent mindedly picking at his finger nails and giving the illusion that he hadn't heard a word that Anamaria had just said. "I can't say exactly," Jack said after an eternity. "All I can say is, the whelp's not a pirate an' I believe that he should go before something bad happens ta 'im."

Gibbs snorted unconsciously at the reply, causing Jack to turn and glare at him. "I don't mean no disrespect Cap'n," Gibbs began, "but I think that we don't have much to worry 'bout. The lad may be a bit naive, but he can handle 'imself just fine in a fix."

"We've all seen 'im fight afore," Anamaria jumped in. "He's good with a blade. I don't think he'll have any problems at all holdin' his own in a fight."

Jack was about to say something when a loud crashing sound stopped his words dead in his throat. The three pirates instantly jumped to their feet and rushed on deck. They all recognized the sound as a gun shot, but sound seemed to have come from on deck. When Jack stepped topside he was greeted by a crowd of his crew members gathered around something on deck and Jack's blood suddenly went cold. Pushing through the crowd, Jack eventually made his way to the center of the semi-circle that had formed on deck and felt his heart practically stop dead in his chest.

There lay Will in Roberts's arms, his body stiffened from shock and his skin a frightening grayish color. Will's hand was clamped tightly on to his right shoulder as blood seeped from between his fingers and his chocolate brown eyes seemed to have both widened and shrank at the same time as he stared intensely at nothing.

Before Jack could even think about what he was doing, he was on his knees and at Will's side. He cupped one of the boy's pale cheeks in his hand and began stroking it gently with his thump. "William?" he whispered softly. "William can ye hear me?" No reply. The boy only laid in Roberts's grasp, breathing heavily and trembling.

"He's in shock Captain," Roberts told him flatly. The doctor was currently trying to loosen Will's grip just enough so that he could see the wound, but was clearly having no such luck.

Jack looked up at the other man as if seeing him there for the first time. "What happened?" he asked him quietly and then turned and looked at the crew. "What happened here?" he demanded this time.

Nervously one of the men stepped forward. He was sweating and shaking terribly as he held a freshly fired rifle limply in his hands. "It... it was an accident Cap'n," the man began.

"What happened?" Jack demanded once again before the other man could even start to explain.

The man flinched at Jack's harsh tone and swallowed hard. Looking closely at him, Jack could see that he was no more then a few years older than Will and a few inches shorter. Jack suddenly made a mental note to start enforcing an age limit on those who decided to join his crew. "I... I saw a bird-"

"Bird?" Jack cut in, glancing over at Cotton's parrot as if it were the bird in question.

"A seagull... or somethin' like it," he elaborated, "an' I was... I was aimin' for it when.... I didn' mean ta hit him, Cap'n, honest! It was an accident."

Jack turned his head and looked over towards Roberts, who had finally managed to get a decent look at Will's injured shoulder. "He's hurt, but the wound will heal," he announced. "I'll take him below and dress it." With that the large doctor got up, carrying Will in his arms as if he were a small child. The crowd parted for Roberts as he took the injured man over to the sick bay. The space soon closed up behind him as the men gathered around to see the Captain's reaction.

No one had ever seen Jack this angry before. He was practically radiating anger as he stood there, his fists and jaw clenched, his nostrils flared and his arms shaking. With one swift, fluid movement, Jack wrenched the rifle from the young man's hand. "This," he began, holding the rifle out with one hand an inch away from the crewman's nose, "this ain't yer Pa's huntin' rifle. It's a weapon, an' it's only ta be used when I give ye leave ta do so, do ye understand?"

The young pirate had suddenly started to shake. His eyes were closed tightly as if it would help make him less visible, but he did manage to nod his head in response.

Jack, however, was not satisfied with the gesture. He wanted verbal confirmation. "I said, 'do ye understand'?"

"Yes... yes Cap'n."

"Good," he said. "Anamaria!"

The female pirate stepped forward. "Yes Captain?"

"Take this young man to the brig. I'll think of a decent punishment later."

With a nod, Anamaria did as she was told, practically dragging the young man (who was now on the brink of tears) below deck. It gave Jack no satisfaction in punishing his crew and even less when it was because such a stupid mistake. He let out a weary sigh, before he realized that he was still standing in the middle of a large crowd. "What are ye all lookin' at?" he barked. "Stop gawkin' an' get back ta yer post!"

"Ye heard the Cap'n!" Gibbs echoed unnecessarily. "Now move it ya cads!"

"Gibbs," Jack said, gaining his first mate's attention. "Take this back to the armory and make sure it's secure. I'm goin' ta go check on William."

Gibbs nodded as Jack handed him the rifle before hurrying off to put it away. As soon as he left Jack instantly headed straight for the sick bay. When he reached the door, he paused briefly, wondering if Roberts was done fixing the boy up already. He wouldn't want to disturb the doctor while he was working. Then again, he could very well need another pair of hands. After a brief mental argument, Jack rapped on the door and waited for an acknowledgement. When he heard Roberts's muffled voice telling him to enter, he opened the door and peaked inside carefully. He saw that the doctor was just finishing wrapping the young man's arm and stepped inside.

Roberts turned and looked over his shoulder at the pirate briefly before going back to the task at hand. "You'll be happy to know that I have removed the bullet, and the piece of cloth that it took with it, successfully," he announced. There was a faint hint of pride in his tone, but Jack chose to ignore it just like everyone else did. Let the bloody doctor have his pride. All that mattered is if he could actually get the job done and done right. "Mr. Turner will be back on his feet in no time, but I'd feel better if he rested for a few days."

Jack took a step closer, peering over at the figure lying in the bed. Will had regained most of his color and was breathing evenly as he slept. Roberts had removed both vest and shirt in order to dress the wound; exposing Will's torso and Jack's eyes instantly feel to the slight swell in the young man's stomach. Will had been sick for weeks, retching day and night, and he certainly hadn't been eating anymore than the rest of the crew. In fact, if memory served him, he was actually eating less than everyone else. So how on earth did his stomach look so... round?

The doctor must have noticed where Jack's eyes had land and he let out a long sigh as he covered the sleeping young man with a blanket. "Just before I knocked William out," Roberts began, "before I gave him something for the pain, he told me something very interesting..."


Posted by: Ashley (geeky_ginger)
Posted at: January 31st, 2006 03:14 am (UTC)

Uh-oh! Oh well...Will couldn't keep this a secret forever....this was just an extreme scenerio to reveal it....kinda wanted Jack to smack that man! Gwar!

More please! I gotta know what Jack's gonna think!

Posted by: Starr Dust (starrdust411)
Posted at: January 31st, 2006 10:41 pm (UTC)

Yes it was quite extreme. This part was kind of Master and Commander influenced, because I love that movie and I always wanted to smack that Marine that shot the doctor. :P

Posted by: sagaluthien (sagaluthien)
Posted at: January 31st, 2006 07:46 am (UTC)
Bloom's Hotel

I so much want to read what reaction Jack will have of the very interesting thing will told the doc.

Posted by: violetroses (redviolet_roses)
Posted at: January 31st, 2006 12:53 pm (UTC)

Me too :)

Posted by: kukkurkurat (kukkurkurat)
Posted at: January 31st, 2006 10:05 am (UTC)

Oh, someone has been watching the Master and Commander... Not that this cannot happen otherwise. Very nice twist.
Oh, and I so like to see Jack's face at the doctor's news!

Posted by: Starr Dust (starrdust411)
Posted at: January 31st, 2006 10:43 pm (UTC)
Re: *smiles*
Sands Smooch

Oh, someone has been watching the Master and Commander...

LOL. You noticed! ^.^ I have to get to writing the next chap, but my minds been scattered with school stuff lately, so I need to dig around for ideas. :P

Posted by: kermit_thefrog (kermit_thefrog)
Posted at: January 31st, 2006 03:20 pm (UTC)

Loved the "age-limit" bit, very funny. Poor Will! He's not having an easy life, is he?
Hehe..can't wait for Jack's reaction!

Posted by: Starr Dust (starrdust411)
Posted at: January 31st, 2006 10:43 pm (UTC)
PotC Subtext (by yuna_firerose)

I want to make things hard for Will. He needs more angst. More I say! Mwhahaha!

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