sadism~masochism (anii_ohsowtf) wrote in _davey_is_god_,

Name: Anii
Age: 17.. almost away from my mom!
Location: michigan!
Fave band member: davey, of course
Fave album: currently decemberunderground... but before that, black sails in the sunset
Fave song: boy who destroyed the world
How long have you liked AFI for: hmm... 4 years!
Will you follow rules: yes.
Are you Straight Edge: quite.
Have you ever seen them live: i wish!
if so.. How many times:
Will you promote the community: i've been yelled at for promoting communities before, so i dunno!
Are you in the Despair Faction: nope.
Or the Official AFI message board: no. i'm not the kind of person who makes an effort to talk much, so i wouldn't get to know anyone.
If so.. What is your board name
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