x_fcknradz (x_fcknradz) wrote in _davey_is_god_,

Name: Cherri [Sherri]
Age: 13
Location: Fontucky, California
Fave band member: Davey [my hubby]
Fave album: Erm. Black Sails in the Sunset
Fave song: It's between The Last Kiss and This Secret Ninja
How long have you liked AFI for: Erm, since like 5th grade, 4 years or so
Will you follow rules: Of course [I'm a good child]
Are you Straight Edge: Yes
Have you ever seen them live: No [you should take me]
if so.. How many times:
Will you promote the community: Sure
Are you in the Despair Faction: No [broke]
Or the Official AFI message board: Yes
If so.. What is your board name I forgot
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