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Both Havi and Vald return to the kingdom with the prince free of his curse, their relationship blossoming. However, due to an arranged marriage nearly forced upon him by his parents, Vald can no longer be with Havi and one night, due to orders by the king and queen, the wizard vanishes. In fury, Vald turns the sword on his father, assuming the throne and the kingdom. Now years later, as a powerful and feared king, Vald has everything he wants, that is except, a wizard who unrightfully left him years ago. Now he will go to any lengths to retrieve what is his, whether Havi still loves him or not.
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Hey people! I'm new and adore The Crimson Spell. I have read till the 20th chapter and I just bought the first volume. In my opinion it's one of the best yaoi manga ever! Who said that yaoi and fantasy don't mix? And the 20th chapter was so sweet! Those men are so sexy!

It kind of nags me that Ruruka's name is Rulca in the published manga. Ruruka sounds so much cuter >_<

I also would like to know is there any similar yaoi manga around.

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Hello there. I'm still new w/ using Livejournal (so please excuse me for any mistake I do) but so far, its pretty interesting & useful for most parts.
I simply love Crimson Spell & all of YAMANE Ayano's works. Hal x Val are top fav. couple in Crimson Spell. Latest chapter I read was 20. Waah~ Wish to read some more of it. :) But I will be patient w/ the scanlation of it.
Mmm..If anyone knows any yaoi/shounen-ai manga that would recommend, please let know. ^o~ I won't mind checking it out. Iguess something similar to Crimson Spell - Fantasy/Demon/Prince/Wizard/& some loving (Of course, can't forget that).
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Just to let you know, there are sites that have the translated (English) chapters through 19.
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Hi there.

I'm new here. I just read the first two volumes of Crimson Spell (in German) and I love it to bits. It's great. :)

Anyway, today I have some icons I made. Other things you'll probably see from me is fanfiction. And what better to bridge the time til the release of the next volume than thinking up your own stories. ^^ Anyway, on to the icons.

Some of the icons in the post I'm linking to are sexy. XD But I think no one coming from this comm will mind. ;) Crimson Spell icons are in the third table.

Hope you enjoy them.

[16] Saiyuki
[07] Gakuen Heaven
[10] Crimson Spell
[05] Junjou Romantica

Teaser: more icons under the cut

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

(Off to see the wizard)
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Hello all,
I know a lot of members here also joined Yamane Ayano Community, and you probably know that the mods there have decided to not scanlate as well as share scanlated versions of Crimson Spell anymore.  So I have to post here although I  know the chance will be small. 
So... is there anyone here interested in continue scanlating it? I can do the translation, but we still need raw provider, editor and proof-reader to release a scanlation.
If anyone think you can join this work, please leave your email address in comment.
Thank you all.
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Hi, i just joined livejournal yesterday^^
I have read Crimson Spell until the first part of chapter 10 (i´m reading it on youtube, because i don´t know where else i could get it^^)
I love Vals beast form, he´s soooo hot @.@ 
I already talked with some friends in another forum about the name "bald".....it´s just ridiculous,... well i came to the point that we can be glad if they don´t name Hall HAIRY >.<
Does anyone know how many parts Crimson has?
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Val / Valdrigue was translated as BALD?


Crikey, why not just call him Prince Balled?

If this is really and truly an accurate translation of the Japanese, I'll eat my hat.

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Hey people i'm new here and i was wandering where i could find scanlations for volume 1 (chapters 1-7)
i really want to read crimson spell but i don't know where to download it... any help will be greatly apprieciated... thankz ja!
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