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We have to put up the the children of our minds. Why shouldn't you?

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We have to put up the the children of our minds. Why shouldn't you?


What it comes down to is thus: The characters that we write about, draw constantly, role play rabidly, and day dream about instead of existing in the real world- We love them. We created them. We nurture them, watch them grow and change, fret when they are troubled, and smile when they grace us with even a stiffled giggle. They live through us and us through them. They are as real as we dare to let them be, and sometimes a touch moreso.

If you are not always the person you were born as, if you sometimes are someone just a bit different or, well, VERY different, perhaps this is the place for you.

What's the Bleeding Point?

Showing off your kids (posting your stories, art, and concepts of your caracters), of course, is the main reason for this comunity. We're also around to give a kick start to your creativity, critique and offer help when you need, and, should your children start moping about in your skull, pet your ego's egos.


  1. Post a profile of a char when you first join (we recomend the basic profile), and any subsequent characters your create. Post your art and writing and rp snippets about the char. We create a memories section for each char. We crit when it is requested, comment, and add our input if you need help with plot.

  2. It is recommended but not necessary to link back to your original profile for all posts concerning that character.

  3. Referance the character(s) in your post at the top of your posts so they can be easily and quickly sorted.

  4. Chat speak (unless used sarcastically) is obnoxious and will not garner you any respect here, at all. Ok, and yes, when used sarcastically and/or sardonically, it's still obnoxious, but at least it's funny. PPL who use chatspk R totally teh suxorz. bbq.

  5. English is your friend. So are Spellcheck.net, Dictionary.com, and Thesaurus.com. Good spelling and grammar are loved. Your posts don't have to be perfect, but please give them a quick proof read. (laiat can hardly type without spell check.)

  6. We will usually assume you want commentary or crit unless you say otherwise in your post. To note that you desire, do not want, or anything inbetween, simply let us know at the bottom of your post after and outside any lj-cuts.

  7. Do NOT fan art or "borrow" another person's character without their permission. Usually, in their profiles, there will be a note if fanart is welcome or what sort of contact is needed to use the persona and/or likeness.

  8. You can post sections of your role plays as long as they are not hugely long, are kept behind a cut and you have permission from the people involved to post it.

  9. Keep art in links or behind cuts. Keep long texts behind cuts.

  10. All memebers can post challanges, but you must have permission from laiat or shionshion to start a contest. (Contests have prizes. Challanges are just for fun.)

  11. Pay attention to the tags and please use them correctly.

Tag list and usage:
ArtFor posts of artwork.
ChallengesFor community challenges.
Community FormsFor blank forms. Posted for your convenance.
Community News and UpdatesFor the lastest information about the community.
ContestsFor contest announcements and entries.
GiftsFor gift art, gift fiction, or whatever else you're giving away.
ProfilesFor posts of character profiles.
Role PlaysFor posts of your roleplays.
SillinessFor unrelated posts, goofie things, and not quite in character fun.
StoriesFor posts of stories.
User News and UpdatesFor our members to announce personal information (like birthdays or absences).