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Come Pick Me Up - I Think I've Landed...

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(no subject) [May. 14th, 2006|11:12 pm]
Come Pick Me Up - I Think I've Landed...
I didn't care what he said, in fact, I didn't care about alot right now, but Mr. Pryce? Yeah, so didn't care because ... he just ... it's not the same. I missed Giles and the fact that he wasn't so rude to me, but I knew that was ... I don't know, selfish? Maybe I should give Mr. Pryce a try, but it's just hard. I didn't want to get close to anyone again besides the friends that I already had. What if something happened to him? Or me? Or something, I didn't know, but I didn't want that attatchment. Ever. Again.

"Buffy, Xander's here!" I heard my mom say and I rolled off the bed and stood up. Tonight was the night that we were breaking into the Mayor's office and of course, Mr. Pryce didn't know, and it was better that he didn't because then I'd have to hear him lecturing me the whole time.

"Alright, I'm coming," I told her and grabbed my jacket and a few stakes. Xander had everything else we needed from his garage so pretty much? This was going to be smooth. Hopefully.

Walking down the stairs, I saw him waiting in the living room with my mom.

"Buffy, your mom baked cookies, you know I'm a sucker for something sweet. Well, anything moist and --"

Grabbing Xander's arm, I gave a smile to my mom. "We're going now, I won't be out late," I told her and headed out the door.

It didn't take us long to get there and we pretty much just talked about school because the topics that we used to talk about aren't ... alive anymore, so we stay away from those. I could tell then though, that Xander didn't really like Angel. I didn't know why and I guess I'll never know, but I never asked and I won't.

Looking up at the building, I noticed some people walking out and some people in the actual office. "Up there," I said and pointed up at a window with a shadowy figure. "That's him."

"And how do you know the outline of our beloved Mayor, Miss Summers?" He asked with a grin, but I just rolled my eyes. "I had Willow look him up and I saw a bunch of pictures and blah blah," I mumbled and grabbed Xander's arm again, pulling him into an alley.

"Now it's time we wait a bit and make sure everyone that's not supposed to be in there, isn't," I said and stood there for a second before feeling something coming up behind us. Vampire. Great.

Grabbing onto my stake in my pocket, I pulled it out slowly.

"What are you doing out here?" I heard and turned around. A vampire in a suit. How ... professional?

"You know, just hanging out ... outside of a building ... talking ... about school," I said and shrugged. "Eventual, right?"

Wait ... he's not going to try to eat me? Was I not eatable? He's not even ... trying! But, he was in a suit ...

"You two should come with me," he said and I gave him a look. "Where?"

"Down here," He pointed down the alley.

"Right, cause I'm that stupid," I said and pulled out the stake, sinking it into his heart. He exploded into dust and I sighed, "Now, I think I would have gone if he was offering candy."
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2006|12:29 pm]
Come Pick Me Up - I Think I've Landed...

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Continued from Here

After dropping off Buffy I went to what she referred to as ‘the bad side of town’. Finding this Willy the snitch - how terribly astute and original - had proven not to be hard at all. Of course Rupert’s notes on him did help a lot, but the name ‘Willy’ written in neon signs above the bar he owned was a bit of a give away as well. I parked the motorbike and strode inside.

Now, winning over and getting some respect, that was a whole different matter. The patrons of Willy’s bar apparently did not take kindly to human visitor. Too bad for them. I wanted some information and I knew how to get it. That this resulted in a bar brawl, was both exhilarating as well as painful. Thankfully, I only walked away with one hell of a shiner and load of information. Not to mention that I had managed to scare off some of the patrons.

And the bar owner, which had been my whole point. Willy was very informative once the fight was over and most demons had slunk into the night. Amazing what a firm fist and a double barreled shot gun can all accomplish. There wasn’t much information to share, only that something was not well in the land of the mayor.

The same one Buffy was doing her paper on and said to be…creepy. Wasn’t that interesting. Handing him some money - the next best thing to bribe information out of someone aside from fighting - I made my way out of the bar again. All and all it had been quite a fruitful night. I had ‘bonded’ somewhat with my Slayer, and I had established somewhat of a name in town. My cover was still working…

I was quite satisfied when I arrived home. After making some tea and dwindling around with an ice-pack on my eyes, I made my way over to bed. Sleep, for the first time since a while did come easily. Even though I did spend some time thinking about Mayor Richard Wilkins. That was something we were going to have to look into. My Slayer and I, because Buffy Summers was now my Slayer. She would make Rupert proud, and I’d made certain she’d never forget him. Not that this was needed from the looks of it.

The next morning I snuk my way into the library quite early. If there was something I wanted to avoid it was walking into Snyder and his inane questions, which were sure to follow when he saw my swollen eye. It was nothing, I hardly felt it, but he would make a fuss about it. Wanker. Bloody tosser, really annoying rat of a little man. I seated myself behind my desk, and went over the cataloging system while I waited for Buffy and her friends to arrive. I had brought along my lap top so Miss Rosenberg could help out.

Now, if only I could make sense of this catalogue system. It’s truly appalling.
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Everybody knows it hurts to grow up [Nov. 30th, 2005|03:22 pm]
Come Pick Me Up - I Think I've Landed...
As I walked inside the school, I could hear my friends a few lockers up, laughing and stuff and I knew that right when I walked over there? It would stop. They didn't know how to take me anymore and maybe they're right. Maybe. I mean, how would they know what it feels like to lose two people you cared about alot ... right? A watcher and a boyfriend ... all gone. And it was because of me. Walking behind someone else, I tried to avoid them, but then I heard Xanders voice, telling me to come over.

That's how it was mostly every morning. I didn't know what to say to them, but they still tried to include me on everything, even if they weren't happy and laughing anymore. I missed it, but I was ... too busy dealing with what I had to go through. The thought of Angel and Giles both being gone ... it's weird. Well, for one, Giles was like my father, in a way and well, Angel, he was my everything. I think. If he could be though ... he would have been. Or something.

"We have a new librarian," Xander said quietly and looked over his shoulder to give me a glance before grabbing another book out of his locker.

"Oh," was all I said and held onto my books tighter. So fast and so easily replaced. Not that Giles was really a librarian or anything, but still.

"Well, we're going to get to class, see you at lunch."

"Yeah, okay." Nodding at them as they left, I glanced up the hall at the library and tried to talk myself into going inside. I couldn't though, it was all ... it was all there. Like I could see it again and ... yeah. Turning around, the other way, I ran smack into some teacher and dropped my books. Bending down quickly to get them, I looked up at him and he didn't even look like a teacher cause of how young he was, but you could just tell that he was anyway.

"Sorry." Grabbing the last book, I stood up and walked past him and up the stairs to my class.
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