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Maggie and Me..different subjects..

maggie grace62: hey
anniexhathaway: hey
maggie grace62: what's up?
anniexhathaway: nothing really,just redoing the sidebar in my journal,Keira put up the layout
maggie grace62: cool
anniexhathaway: yeah.
anniexhathaway: I'm changing the links to my friends into pics,say,you wouldn't mind if I used one of your bases as a link to yours would you?
anniexhathaway: its taking me forever to find pics,he he.
maggie grace62: no I wouldn't
maggie grace62: :-)
anniexhathaway: okay,thanks!
maggie grace62: no problem
maggie grace62: the layout is great :-);-)
anniexhathaway: thanks,I just got to get the last too link pics made..dang
anniexhathaway: I've got to find a pic of Orli and Parminder..
maggie grace62: take one of their icons *laughs*
anniexhathaway: would Orli mind..?I know Parminder wouldn't
maggie grace62: I don't think he would, not sure though
anniexhathaway: that's why I'm not really going to do that
maggie grace62: oh alright
maggie grace62: well you could always use and then search the pictures
maggie grace62: that where I find a lot of pictures ;-)
anniexhathaway: yeah,I've did the first half on that:-)
anniexhathaway: totally forgot about the miracle of google
maggie grace62: I love *laughs*
anniexhathaway: yay!I'm done,I just got to upload..
maggie grace62: yay!
anniexhathaway: Kirsten and I might share an apartment soon..
anniexhathaway: look at my journal now!whee!
maggie grace62: that's cool
anniexhathaway: thanks,I finally got it done:-)
maggie grace62: it looks very nice
anniexhathaway: thank you!

maggie grace62: you're welcome
anniexhathaway: :-D
maggie grace62: :-)
anniexhathaway: :-D
maggie grace62: O:-)
anniexhathaway: 8-)
maggie grace62: ;-)
anniexhathaway: hey,could you hold on for a sec,going to get dinner
maggie grace62: alright
anniexhathaway: back
maggie grace62: alritght
anniexhathaway: :-)
maggie grace62: alright**
maggie grace62: *laughs* so I guess Ewan will be joining us in Hawaii as well...
anniexhathaway: okay...
anniexhathaway: anyone else?
anniexhathaway: he he.I think this is going to be the party of the hmm..millenium?
maggie grace62: I swear, if somebody really wanted to see some celebrities, they should go to Hawaii
maggie grace62: yah I guess *smiles*
anniexhathaway: for real,Hawaii's becoming the next Hollywood
maggie grace62: oh I know
maggie grace62: and it's all Lost's fault *laughs* because everybody is coming to see people who are in it
anniexhathaway: he he.
maggie grace62: not saying they should cancel the show, they should just limit the people we're allowed to invite *laughs*
anniexhathaway: exactly,make it:"Close Friends Only" he he.
maggie grace62: oh of course
anniexhathaway: yes,because,it was just starting off as your really close friends
maggie grace62: yes I know
maggie grace62: but hey! I love parties *laughs*
anniexhathaway: then everyone else got in the whole broohahah
anniexhathaway: me too!
anniexhathaway: *throws pretend confetti*
maggie grace62: *dances in fake confetti*
anniexhathaway: he he.
maggie grace62: see we're starting our own party now *laughs and dances some more*
anniexhathaway: whee!!!
anniexhathaway: Party For Two!!*sings*
maggie grace62: *sings along* I'm inviten nobooody, nobody but you *points at Anne* we should get that song and turn it up *laughs*
anniexhathaway: yeah,how about we all go to a karoke bar tomorrow night?
maggie grace62: sounds good to me :-)
anniexhathaway: yay!:-D
maggie grace62: maybe there will be a contest going and we'll win it! *smiles*
anniexhathaway: yeah!*laughs*
maggie grace62: that would be so cool! :-)
anniexhathaway: I know!
maggie grace62: I'll tell you one thing... Wednesday night, we're staying at my place because of Lost ;-)
maggie grace62: we have to because everybody will probablly be meeting there to watch it... or at Ian's, I'm not too sure yet...
anniexhathaway: maybe we should wait and lets let everyone decide together
maggie grace62: yah...
anniexhathaway: is Ian's place big?
maggie grace62: it's about the size of mine actually
anniexhathaway: really?well,than,thats,good
anniexhathaway: <--is praying that the 50,000 people in Hawaii can fit into the place
maggie grace62: *laughs* 50,000 people huh? is there really that many celbrities going to be here
anniexhathaway: feels like it,but no
anniexhathaway: but it DOES feel like it
maggie grace62: it does actually
maggie grace62: hey you know that song Outrageuos by Britney Spears?
anniexhathaway: yeah
maggie grace62: I think it so describes me *laughs* I was just looking at the lyrics
anniexhathaway: really?awesome
maggie grace62: yah
anniexhathaway: you know what..
anniexhathaway: I have an idea for a community..
maggie grace62: do you? what is it?
anniexhathaway: back when this place was delusivedreams,there was a community about dating and one about gossip,and I was thinking earlier,what if they made another one,you know like,ts_dating,or _dating
maggie grace62: yah
anniexhathaway: Brad and Jennifer officially split...:-(..I feel sorry for him
anniexhathaway: just found it on the net
maggie grace62: I saw something on it a couple of days ago on the web
maggie grace62: I feel sorry fo him too
anniexhathaway: yeah,but it also said they'd remain friends
maggie grace62: that's a real good thing
anniexhathaway: yeah.
anniexhathaway: at least we won't have to worry about any legal problems or stuff like that(well..I hope not)
maggie grace62: yah that's true
anniexhathaway: and the bickering and stuff,not everyone in the public eye wants to hear about that.
maggie grace62: no not at all
anniexhathaway: but of course,much like other celebrity couples,they have no choice
maggie grace62: yah
anniexhathaway: so,anyhow..
maggie grace62: yah... moving on *laughs*
anniexhathaway: I'm excited for Sienna's coming in tomorrow:-)
maggie grace62: I know so am I :-)
anniexhathaway: we're REALLY going to be having more fun
maggie grace62: oh yes definitally
anniexhathaway: and hopefully..we'll go to that karoke bar;-)
maggie grace62: yes hopefully O:-)
anniexhathaway: hopefully:-D
maggie grace62: well I have to go
maggie grace62: I'll talk to you later
maggie grace62: bye! :-)
anniexhathaway: okay
anniexhathaway: is it okay if I post this in aim?
maggie grace62: yah sure
anniexhathaway: alright,bye!

enjoy this makesnosense conversation=p
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