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MY name is ms oconnor (mandi). I have been in satans cult for 20 years. He refuses to cease reincarnation. he refuses to stop trying to unsell me with reincarnation. He will not stop lying and putting me as agnostic or atheist. He will not stop reincarnating me with a tingly reincarnation. He refuses to leave and has enforced the death penalty. He refuses to check my guardian overseer in the cult. I am suing him because he unsold me illegally to win a sacrifice of a cult member of 20 years.
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*pokes the comm*

Maybe some Cross fanart will bring you out of hiding?Collapse )

Keep warm, wherever you're at!

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Ophan or Orphan?

I've seen the name of the ship done both ways. I've also seen "Shin" translated directly to "God."

The Viz translation uses Shin and Orphan. The first I'm not bothered by, but I was doing some pondering over the second. Given what an Ophan is, it may just be that the real meaning was missed simply due to lack of knowledge on the subject.

I don't like to complain because the Viz translation has been pretty good all around. On that subject, though, does anyone know if there was more than one English release done? I had a friend that was saying it had been pretty heavily censored, but the copies I bought weren't like that at all.

Anyway. Just sharing geekery. Sorry if the topic's come up before. ^^;

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Anyone around? Heh, newbie brings an icon batch.

[ 15 ] Kirin (666 Satan)


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thought [thawt]
1. the product of mental activity; that which one thinks: a body of thought.
2. the capacity or faculty of thinking, reasoning, imagining, etc.: All her thought went into her work.
3. perhaps the simplest and yet the most complicated aspect of humanity: control the world’s thoughts, and you control the world.

Humans cannot be trusted enough to think and act on their own. Emotion and instinct block out rational thought far too often, and people become dangerous – to themselves, to others and to the very world itself.

And that is why research facilities – such as this one – are located across the nation; to monitor, research, and learn to control human thought.

The best lead discovered so far is, in fact, one’s dreams – the rawest, deepest and most natural form of thought. This facility in particular has become quite dedicated to researching the dreams of its ‘guests’ – despite what they may know or think they know.

Controlling their thoughts, after all, is what we strive to do.

Opening Soon!

Further Reading
More InformationFacility Information
Rules and How to PlayTaken Characters and ReservationsApplying
Player ContactMod ContactAdvertising Code
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It's called Blazer Drive.  Chapter 1 has just been released and you can read it here.
I'm not sure what to make of it yet.  It could be really great or it could be crap.  The opening chapter didn't impress me hugely but neither did the opening chapters of 666 Satan or Naruto.  The art is at a pretty high standard I think, which is good.
Anyway, thoughts?
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Just thought I'd advertise laststopgakuen here, since I recently started playing Cross there. It's a multi-fandom RP, mostly crack, and they are gladly accepting new members. :D

Come play, Cross is lonely~

And I might as well share some art while I'm at it... have a floating Shuri head!

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...I'm sorry, but who else was terribly disappointed by the ending? :/

It just seemed... way too abrupt.

Yeah, I've got nothing else to say.

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Well I was bored and decided to color some panels of Cross, and they turned into icons. Enjoy.

1. No hotlinking.
2. Credit either honeycitrus or the_albino_poo.
3. Yes, they may be used as bases.


( to the icons )
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