Taylor (twoww) wrote in __thinspiration,

Kickin my own ass!

Hello lovelies!
I am in a terrific mood!
I just got back from an intense workout. Even though it was only 15 minutes, I ran a mile, did abs like planks & squats and the like. I was POURING sweat (I swear I have a sweating problem) and I didn't eat a ton!
Let's see.. what did I eat?
- Celery & peanut butter : 150 cals
- Kabutos stir fry stuff : 300 cals (?)
- Half a sub at my work ( NEED TO STOP EATING THESE) : 500 cals
- Carrots : 30 cals
- Random chocolate bite from a bunny lmao : 50 ish cals

So my total I had around 1200 calories if I add a couple extra. My arms are so sore it even hurts to type right now!

I came home from work & didn't eat anything at all. I'm so proud :)I need to keep this up! I feel great! Plus spring soccer has finally started up YAAAA!!!

Looking back it was a baby work out but I sweat a ton & there's only so much I can do when I have work. Any suggestions? I love you all!!! <3
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