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StarFox 2 Beta [06 Feb 2010|09:14pm]

[ mood | curious ]

It hurts that no one's talking about it, but has anyone out there played StarFox 2 Beta for the SNES?

I have. Great game! Here are some pics:

Fay as Player 2  Game was originally 2-Players in the earlier betas (There are quite a few).

Title Screen (Fixed) This is the title screen(*). You can see there are 2 characters that didn't appear in later games. The two on the right... Fay on the farthest right, and Miyu next to her. (Both are female)

Records screen.

(*) = There was a patch released out there that TRANSLATED the game from Japanese to English, as well as fixed some bugs in the game, and spiffed up the title screen ("StarFox 2" logo is all it changed in the logo) , as you can see.

Sorry I don't have pics of the actual game play... I couldn't find the right emu that would play it without crashing. Oh well.

Anyway, if anyone's heard of this game, let me know. I'm curious as a fox...


StarFox: Shadows of Lylat [29 Mar 2007|10:10pm]

Recent excursions for rumors of a new StarFox game have led me to Shadows of Lylat.

It's a fan-made StarFox game that, based on screenshots, a FPS (First Person Shooter) game that functions with the use of a computer joystick. I have heard there are demos for it, but have not been successful in finding them. I have not found any of the game's actual characters as of yet, but I know they are looking for voice actors. They are non-Nintendo affiliated, so it might be a question of copyrighing laws. 

this game is not finished. They do not have an ETA for the finished production, only telling us "It'll be done when it's done". Alright, for those of you who are skeptical to the whole "It's a computerized online game made by characters. Probably sucks." It really doesn't. The graphics are amazing. Here's one of the screenshots of the actual gameplay.  

The arwins are different, but I don't think that really matters. Check out the trailer and the forums.

Here is the link: StarFox: Shadows of Lylat

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I'm alive!! [21 Mar 2007|01:56pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Srry bout the long pause. I had to do FCAT's, then after that the media was closed for make ups, then the school computers were being upgraded so this is the first time in a long time that I've able to get on.
Due to the long pause, I've been kinda out of practice plus I wasn't even expecting to get on today so I don't have another message. Again, srry.
Something that's been bugging me sense the time the FCAT's started as the fact that the main menu (I guess you might call it) of this community needs updating. It says that Star Fox: Aventures is Fox's latest mission/ adventure.
Anyway, again srry bout the pause. I'll try to get something this Friday (but I'm planning on it NOT being a dino message, something else) but if I don't I'm saying this a head of time, I'm srry...again. Ok, I think I just used up my maximum amount of srry's for the month...crap.


Just wondering..... [18 Mar 2007|11:38am]

[ mood | Coffee ]

Does anyone have Star Fox Command for the DS? I got it and it's good (pretty hard though)
I would highly recomend it for Fox/Krystal fans..... hehehehe ^^
I consider it a Strategy/ shooter game (yes the whole game is Dog Fights)
They brought back Bill and Kat from Star Fox 64!!!
Y'all should check it out!

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Todays message is... [01 Mar 2007|08:15am]

[ mood | content ]

Nxuk ekxoh fuahadwj aj olohoedo adke?

A=U, E=O, I=A, O=E, U=I, M=M, Y=O, B=R, C=S, D=T, F=V, G=W, H=X, J=Z, K=B, L=C, N=D, P=F, Q=G, R=H, S=J, T=K, V=L, W=N, X=P, Z=Q.

Here's my new system. I'm pretty sure it'll be clearer, but slightly harder to use. I'll be giving a small paragragh tomorrow to make up fpr the absence of Saturday & Sunday messages. Also, next week I plan on making some more...different posts. Depends on how absent minded my parents are. See ya!


Wednesday's message is... [28 Feb 2007|08:21am]

[ mood | blank ]

for those who didnt decipher & understand, I got grounded from my home computer, & thus am forced to continue this on the school computers. Until I'm ungrounded, or otherwise capable of doing so, no messages will be deisplayed on weekends.
A note bout the translation: names of ppl & places r not affected, remaining in their origanal language.

Nxe uwhooj kauk Fox udt Krystal uho moudk veh ousx ekxoh?

If u hav questions or know the answer, plz comment, but note that I may not be able to answer/ congratulate u till tomarrow. Also, Im planning on starting to do paragraghs instaed of just sentences. Plz comment ur opinions on this so I know whether or not to do it. Have fun! ;)

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Ahoy, all! [28 Feb 2007|12:08am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, I figured that I would lend a helping hand here. I'm reposting the lettering guide with each of the letters lined up. That should help things out a bit (plus, it would be good to post he letters again). Take care, all!



A bit of delay but yesterdays & todays message is... [27 Feb 2007|12:12pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

Srry bout yesterday. Got 2 messages to make up for it (in a way)

A wek wheidtot vhem mo xemo semfikoh

Je den A um ijadw kxo jsxeec jemfikoh

Srry if there're any mistakes not reguarding the o = e & y deal. Enjoy! :)

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Todays message is... [25 Feb 2007|01:34pm]

A wek jemo semmodkoh'j. Wiojj kxaj fcuso aj dek tout ook!

I'm figuring out a more understandable way of posting the english= dino translator thing, but since I dont hav one here, I ask u to use the ones from my previous 2 comments for now. Thx for the particpation!! =)
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Today's dino message is... [24 Feb 2007|11:31am]

[ mood | curious ]


Today's message is:
Ak neict joom kxaj fcuso aj toutuvkohucc.

If u hav questions or know the answer, plz comment.

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Is this place dead? Time to try & give it life... [23 Feb 2007|09:51pm]

[ mood | curious ]

After watching this community for a few months, I've come to the obvious conclusion that this place it pretty much dead. So I decided to do something to help bring it back to life. No idea how its gonna work, but it'll keep me ocupied long enough for me to figure something else to do in my spare time.

What I've decided to do is display messages in Dino. If I keep myself organized enough, I'll be posting a new dino message everyday. Currently there r no prizes for solving it or whatever, and agin, I hav no idea how this is gonna work out. someone else might, & I'm open to any sugestions.
For those who don't have know where they can get the translations, they can be found near the back of the Star Fox Adventures: Instructin booklet, & at a certain website that I currentl;y dont know what its called. When I do, I'll inform u ppl. For those who don't hav it, or dont hav it yet, for the first week or 2, I'll be telling u the translation here.


I apologize if its hard to understand, also open to suggestions that make it clearer.
Todays (annoyingling simple) Message is:
A um kucbadw ad tade. Khujcuko ak je oei nacc idtohjkuto.

If u know what it is, then tell me. This way, not only will I know who found out how soon, but I'll also know the kind of participation that'll come out of this. Enjoy :)

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I know I've never totally forgotten about this community. [04 Jan 2007|12:30am]

[ mood | content ]

I got a video, and it's my way of saying...Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1o_f0e6VLw <-there's my gift, from me to you all: a StarFox Tribute video.

x-posted to da_cult_of_fox

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Star Fox quote icons! [02 Sep 2006|08:15pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey guys! If anyone's interested, I made about a million Star Fox 64 quote icons, located here. Good times.


*waves* [03 Mar 2006|06:32am]

Hi all! Just wanted to drop by and give a howdy and, if anybody's interested, I'm going to be starting a new fanfic in the next couple days. If you're interested, go ahead and check out quartz_rose which is where the story will be written chapter-by-chapter. Small as the StarFox fanbase is, it's nice to see a few communities actually exist!

Hello, all. [02 Mar 2006|10:06pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I was wondering: do any of you live in the Twin Cities area (Minnesota)? I'm itching for some serious compentition(sp?)!


Long, long time no post, I know... [02 Mar 2006|07:46pm]

2 new icons and one new banner. Click to see! Comment and Credit if you wish to use any.Collapse )
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leeeoooon [03 Jan 2006|01:41pm]

i noticed this lj and was kinda hoping itd keep alive.. ive always been a SF fan ever since the snes one, and i just got Assault for christmas which is rocking my world. um, i wanted to know if anyone had any leon powalski art/fanart/anything? or if someone could make me a colourbar that would be amazing too, tho i know it would be almost impossible since images of him are scarce. thanks if anyone could help me out <3

a colorbar... [26 Nov 2005|09:09am]

[ mood | creative ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Just do not claim yours or hotlink

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kinda..request [23 Nov 2005|07:01pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Does anyone have / can anyone make a Starfox colorbar?
Thanks by advance!

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Hi again... [07 Nov 2005|09:16am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

First, I must show you the new Starfox icons and one image I did that I did for a character journal.

Comment and credit if you wish to use any of them.Collapse )

Shameless plug for a fun RP on Blurty.com. MAJOR book/video game/anime crossoverCollapse )


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