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[10 May 2005|09:47pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

[1] Name: elise
[2] Age:16
[3] Location:Miami, FL
[4] Sexual Preference: gentlemen
[5] Relationship Status: taken

[1] color: Aqua-Marin Blue, I absolutly love it and I wear it all the time with brown - so in this season
[2] show: Americas Next Top Model
[3] band/group: Maroon 5
[4] singer: I dont have a particular favorite
[5] movie: The Notebook
[6] song: Collide (for personal reasons)
[7] food: Strawberries and Whipped Cream <3
[8] store: I love all little deisgner boutiques, their clothing is so unique.
[9] designer: Chanel
[10] vacation spot: Aruba

[1] What would you say is your best quality? People tell me Im funny
[2] What is your best physical feature? my eyes maybe...? you be the judge.
[3] Who is your role model and why? Nicole Richie
[4] Who is your worst enemy and why? my exboyfriend. boo on cheaters.
[5] What is the one thing you can't live without? my friends&family (cheesy. I know - but I honestly cannot think of one particular thing at the momment)
[6] Pick someone famous and insult them. Nick Carter - you are white. remember that. please.
[7] Who is your favorite celebrity? Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera
[8] Why do you want to be a Socialite? I would love to be a Socialite becuase I have looked over all other LJ communties and I belive I am the perfect candidate for this one. I would also love to tell people if they are a Socialite or not because I know exactly what the perfect formula is for one - Confidence, Beauty, Fashionista Qualities - and that certain something that makes everybody want to be like you.

Your Opinion On
[1] Violence in the Media- Way too much and should be censored
[2] The Death Penalty- No body should have to decide whether you live or die like that.
[3] Lindsay Lohan- Love the acting - ditch the singing.
[4] Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen- Love them. So cute and their casual-luxary stlye is deffinatly me.

Post 3 clear pictures of youself. -- go to www.picturetrail.com/socialbuttrflyy -- for pictures of me.

Thank you.

you know you love me <3


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