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scum is sexy

the sexyest scumbags on livejournal

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*The members page will be updated August 27th, sorry about the wait.


Introducing, the point system. When members make posts, they will recieve various number of points (shown below). Once you reach 300 points, you may auto accept/reject a new applicant. Just so you know, all the COOL kids participate. the cooler you are, the more points you have.

Theme Posts:
If you post with the theme of the week, you will receive 20 points.
Scavenger Hunt Posts:
If you post with the all of the items on the scavenger hunt list, you will receive 40 points.
Picture Posts:
If you post an update with new pictures, you will receive 15 points.
Text Only Posts:
If you post an update with just text, you will receive 5 points.
If you refer someone and they tell us in their application, you will receive 15 points.

Members with points:

redinme 40
kendalisonfire 30
junky_jane 25
c_line31 20
coalition_hoax 20
elliott_bread 20
faceshited_liar 20
____ipunchdrunk 20
chocolatedealer 20
__whump__ 20
ir_chestnut 20
j__ulia 20
vagisonfire 20
alanna923 15
_suckmyleftone_ 30

Current theme = Your favourite dinosaur