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the Lollypop !!

Candy Giiirrrll
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1. You MUST be 13, don't lie either..
2. Totally fill out the application, don't miss anything
3. Be yourself
4. Don't bitch if you get a no...go somewhere else with that
5. Your app. must be under lj-cut, or it will be deleted. what you do is...at the beginning of your app., put, <*lj-cut text=app-lick-ay-shun*> (remove the stars) and then at the end of your app, put <*/lj-cut*> and remember, remove the stars
6. In the cut, you must put "App-lick-ay-shun" spelled just like that so we know you read the rules. Also in the subject put, "I'll take you to the Candy Shop"
7. This is a RATING community...it's pretty much 75% on your pictures, and 25% on your application. Make sure your pictures are clear and we can see you
8. You must include a 100x100 picture of yourself for the member page
9. You must put in an application no more than 48 hours after you join or you will be banned.
10. You will also be banned if you vote on other applications or post before being stamped.

2. Be honest when voting, and put your vote in the subject of your comment
3. Promote your ass off
4. Don't promote your other communities...or I'll be mad
5. Put "STAMPED" in your subject line when posting

Status (single/dating) show pics if possible:

Musicians (it can be anything from bands to rappers):

[x]tHiS oR tHaT[x]
Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears and why:
Pink or Purple:
Rock or Rap:
or :

Gay Marriage:
Justin Timberlake:


Okay here's your free space to make us laugh:

Show us a pic of something that reminds you of yourself:

Who's your role and why? (pic if possible):

What do youn think od the MOD(s)?:

Promote to 2 Communities and 2 LJs, paste the link. I WILL check!:

Which banner do you like the best?:

Are you going to promote your ass of if accepted?

Why should you be in this community?:


Okay, now post at LEAST 3 clear pictures of you and a 100x100 for the members page. It wud be nice if we could see your body in one of them but if not, it's cool

This Month's Theme...
FAVORITE THINGS!! pets, clothes, houses, places, people, makeup etc. have fun!!!

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to Promote, remove stars and paste this code:

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/__lollip0pchix"><*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v600/Cheerch1ca_boom/jennifer_lopez_12.jpg"></a>
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<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v738/erica90045/gwen.jpg"*>