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Name= Vivian
Age= 13
Top five bands
-Maroon 5
-Black Eyed Peas
Top five Movies
-Mean Girls
-School of Rock
-Walk to Remember

Express your Opinion.

Abortion= there are diffenrent ways to think about abortion. I think maybe if you have sex with a guy you didnt know and it was a total accident, abortion is ok. If you got pregnant before you finished with school, I think it's a reason to have an abortion. In another case like if you had sex with ur husband after marraige, and you got pregnant, there's no reason for abortion. If you can keep a marraige it should be possible to raise a child with the support of your husband.

Abstinence= Mmm. I think you should have abstinence mostly when you're around people you don't know very well yet. Maybe have a few drinks but don't get drunk, or have sex. If you're with your boyfriend that you've been with for years I think it might be ok, or if you're hanging out at a party with your closest friends that you've known forever, it's also alright.

Sex before 15= No. I don't think anyone should have sex until they are at least in college or married. What if you got pregnant? Imagine how hard it would be to tell your parents, if you didn't want to go through having the baby and wanted an abortion? If your parents won't allow you to have an abortion, imagine the pain of the delivery of the baby, the pain you should be going through at at least age 22, but going through at age 15. And last, imagine raising a kid while you're still in school.

Suicide= Suicide, I think not. If someone kills themselves, they are not only hurting themselves, but they are hurting everyone else who cares about them. People who commit suicide say that everyone else is better off without them, and obviously that's not true. Even if you are going through the worst time you've ever gone through in you LIFE, there Are always people who care and anyways, suicide isn't the best way to deal with it.

What do you think about...

Paris Hilton= way pretty and soo wild and out going, everyone loves her. I love her!
Xtina= I'm in love with her music. She has the best voice, even though she's kindof a slut.
Britney Spears= She seems like such a sweet person and i've liked her since 3rd grade.
Michael Jackson= Wow changed so much since 1980 when he was still black and people liked not only liked his music. He's kinda scary with
George Bush JR= Don't like him. Not as President.

Express your feelings about love love is that feeling that you never want to give up. I believe all of the ways you can fall in love, like the one Love at first sight. It's like you see him, and you know he's perfect because of his way of smiling,laughing, and talking. But then, looks aren't everything. I think it matters, but like everyone focus's on it and maybe we should stop that. But even I think it matters a lot so it's hard to just look past the looks. But Love is something that once you really fall into, you can never really fall out. that's why heartbreak is so painful. <3

Express your feelings about yourself I can't say I love myself but I can't say I hate my self either. If it weren't for my AWESOME friends, I probably would have absolutely like noo hope in myself. But it's hard to look at models and actresses then look at myself in the mirror cuz that makes me so self conscious. But I'm glad I can have a sense of humor and have lots of fun whenever I'm with my friends.

What makes you different from others I don't just follow everyone. I don't buy a shirt if everyone has it, I buy it because I like it , my own style. I don't like to have the same sweater or shoes as everyone else. It makes it hard for people to find you if ur in a crowd or something. I like my own music, like the ones I listed, but I don't really like rap like a lot of other people.

Post a picture of a celebrity you like

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