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That dinosaur ate my telephone

Name: Leah, though most of my friends refer to me as either Loki or Fred/Frederick.
Age: 17
Location: New Castle, PA
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: pansexual

10 Favorite Bands:
+ The Cure
+ hide
+ Seo Taiji
+ Billy Idol
+ David Bowie
+ Malice Mizer
+ sunbrain
+ Janne Da Arc

5 Bands you hate:
+ U2 [If I ever saw Bono out on the street and he dared to look me in the eye & saw two words to me, I'd punch him in his face. Jerk. I hate him.]
+ Anything my younger sister listens to. [Mest, Good charlotte, etc.]
+ Aerosmith. [Good God, Stephen Tyler annoys the fuck out of me.]
+ Onmyouza
+ U2. Just 'cause I hate them that much.

3 Favorite Books:
+ Tuesday. THE best book in existance. Picture books = love.
+ Anything by Neil Gaiman.
+ To Kill a Mockingbird. It was either between this or The Outsiders. Both are excellent. ...and when I read it, I developed a crush on Boo. mmm.

5 Favorite Movies:
+ The Road to El Dorado.
+ Scarface
+ all Rockys
+ Johnny English

Choose a topic of your own, and give us your opinion on it
[[Opinion must be more than one sentence]]
Topic: Fangirls.
Opinion: Fangirls, fangirls, fangirls. I love them and truly despise them. I have no shame in admitting I'm a fangirl, and, yes, sometimes I go into fangirl-mode & go all psycho on your ass if you dare think ill thoughts about the people I've wasted my life obsessing over. However, I'm not like that all the time. I have no intention of ever raping/capturing/licking/etc anyone. I'm not quite certain if fangirls exist outside the anime/j-rock/HP community. [Speaking of Harry Potter, Percy Weasley is my Dearest and I love him with all my heart. So much, in fact, that I've actually hit someone because of it. xx; That would be the action of a psycho-y rabid fangirl. ...I'm not exactly proud of that.] Normally, I'd like to think of myself as a person that's quite capable of intelligent conversation. The psycho fangirls aren't like that. I absolutely hate it when someone will only go to a concert/listen to a certain band just because they think they're pretty. My music genre of choice is J-rock, and yes, the majority of j-rockers are extremely pretty, however, I really don't think it's fair to them when someone only listens to them for their looks and not their music. These are the type of people that really don't give a shit even about the band member's names, just as long as they're pretty.. x_x Good Lord..I was all over the place with this. I apologize.

Promote in 2 places
+ <- my caleida.

Pictures [At least 4, Maximum 15] :
x__x I HATED the yellow. Hated it with a PASSION. There was also some pink in there, but it faded while the yellow-from-hell stayed in.

! GLARE! ..this was a weird picture. My hair was purple all over with pink underneath, but somehow, the pink appeared as though it creeped up the right side of my head. It looked pretty neat.

My hair was this color for my senior pictures.


Currently, my hair is an extremely bright pink and I really don't like it.. It's hide Pink..if any of you know who he is.

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