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Dino Romance

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1/17/06 11:13 am - gemface

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this community is exclusive.

we don't accept just anybody.

you think you've got what it takes? lets find out...

10/19/05 03:53 pm - watermelon_seed

is this still going on?

9/10/05 11:58 pm - dustbunnies710

If this isn't allowed i'll deleted, but I didn't see any rules against it.


7/31/05 05:13 pm - xheartscollide

I wont beable to post for some time most likely. Because my computer got a huge virus that killed it so no we have to send it away, since the other option is to switch over to a laptop and lose all my files. And since I REFUSE to lose all my files (that computer is my life) we have to send it away to be fixed.

7/3/05 05:30 pm - __uh_oh_

6/28/05 10:32 pm - _fireeee

this thing sucks.
i promoted my ass off and it still didnt help one bit.
im leaving.

6/27/05 01:18 pm - xheartscollide

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6/26/05 04:48 pm - __uh_oh_


6/23/05 01:31 am - __uh_oh_ - Appilcation

Okay guys, sorry the application has been fucking up. But I fixed it so it should look like this:

I'm Living A Dino RomanceCollapse )

: ] Lydia

6/21/05 12:57 pm - square_rooted

I just figured out why you people don't like me.
It's because I don't listen to your 'emo' bands. Way to go. Listen to your crappy music with your average musicians. If you ever want to listen to some talent, find yourself some Children of Bodom or System of a Down. Enjoy.

6/21/05 10:07 am - xheartscollide - I’m A Living Dino Romance

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6/19/05 11:43 pm - __uh_oh_

God, this community sucks, sorry.

I'm no longer a mod and I'm leaving.

6/19/05 02:05 pm - _fireeee - i am living dino romance

dino romanceCollapse )

6/3/05 10:03 pm - cryinxbluexeyes

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6/2/05 05:28 pm - __uh_oh_

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