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__degrassirp's Journal

Degrassi: The Next Generation [role playing game]
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1.First off, have some prior-knowledge of your character before applying. Your first entry (introduction post) will give us an idea of what you know. There are great character descriptions at the-n.com

2.Also, make sure your username corresponds with your character. Limit the “x” and underscores you use. Names like: emnelson, emmaa, and even emmax_nelson are OK. However, names like o0xxmannyxx0o and manny___xsantos won’t be accepted.

3.The same rule for your journal, applies to your AIM. Though, this time things like “cause girl” will be OK for Emma, and “no labels” for Ellie is perfectly fine.

4. Make an AIM screename for your character. A large majority of role-playing happens via AIM. Also, make sure CHAT ROOMS are enabled on your AIM/AOL system.

5. It’s appreciated you have at least 1 default icon for your character. If you need one, don’t hesitate ask a mod. They’d be more than happy to supply you with one. Also, there are very good Degrassi icon journals and communities they can direct you to.

6.Have fun when you role-play, dullness is boring. So it’s OK if you act wacky and silly, just don’t go freaky and out-of-character.

7. IC (in-character) and OOC (outside of character) conflicts are to be kept separate. Just because you have a problem with the role-player doesn’t mean your character does.

8. Make a general disclaimer explaining you are not the character you claim to be, or the actor or actress. If you don’t have one, you are more than entitled to use our created one: ( I am not (characters name here) or (actor/actress name here), I am just a fan of the show, who would like to enhance their role-playing skills while taking part in activity in which I get to interact with fellow fans of the show. )

9. When you want to hold a role you can just say “hold the role, please”. You don’t have to fill out an application, yet. Also, apply with your character’s username—not with your OOC. Thanks.

10. THE MODS. HAVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT YOUR APPLICATION. Usually, so far, the only reason they have rejected is failure to read the rules and entries. C’mon guys, we’re mature young-adults. Don’t make one-liners like : “Hey Haze here! Just got a journal, too. Ily Jimmy. Peace! LOL.”

11. When applying, when we ask if you read the rules if you’re applying for a 10th grader put: “my foot hurts”. If you’re applying for an eleventh grader put: “cake please”. Any other grade or adults (Dylan would be considered an adult now :D.Tear, Tear-he’s growing up so fast) can put “Cha”. Some people applied before I had a chance to put the rules up, so I’m sorry if they got accepted for just saying “Yes” and you didn’t.

12.After this point, NO MORE original characters allowed. Sorry for the incovinence. Once all the Degrassi characters are filled, I'll consider :)

13.Promote and die. If you promote more than once, I'll leave it up and torment you 'cause its kind of fun :D. Yes, I am evil.