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Name:: Monica... would you like the last name too? OK! Martinez.
Age:: 19
Gender:: I would be a female. Thanks for not noticing that already. :)
Location:: Lancaster, California... one of the most boring cities ever.
Taken or singe?:: I'm taken, thanks.
Since you are wishing to be accepted….tell us why we should accept you?:: I was hoping I'd be accepted seeing as how one of the moderators posted a comment on my journal promoting the community. I don't think a moderator would post their community as a comment if I didn't have a chance.


Color:: Blue... all of the shades.
Candy:: Call me "ghetto" or "old fashioned", but I LOVE the candy named "Necco". Don't know what that is? Go to a grocery store and look for it.
Food:: Macaroni and cheese. :-D
Bands:: If you don't like the bands I like, I don't care because I don't listen to them because you do, I listen to them because they make me happy. So... bands I like include, Sugarcult, Deftones, Mars Volta, The Anniversary, Mates of State, Rilo Kiley, underOATH, Enon, Denali, Frou Frou, etc.
Books:: I don't really like reading, it makes me fall asleep. But I do like the books "Of Mice and Men", and the classic, "Stinky Cheese Man". :-D
Films:: Stand By Me, Donnie Darko, James Dean, The Forsaken, Gothika, Now and Then, LOTR Trilogy. :)
Actors/Actresses:: Jared Leto, Kerr Smith, River Phoenix, James Dean, James Franco / Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie.
Quote(s):: I'm going to have to just stick with the famous James Dean line "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today".

Your opinions on…

Drugs:: Drugs suck.And are a complete waste of time, money, and life.
Abortion:: Honestly, I think abortion is a bad idea. However, it's up to the girl to make that choice.
Religion:: I don't have an opinion. I'm agnostic.
-subquestion: If you made your own religion, what would be your top three beliefs/rules?:: I can't even answer this question. I'll just have to say that I wouldn't make my own religion. I'd let everyone decide what they believed in and practice what they wanted to practice.
Fat people:: "Fat people" deserve the same treatment as "skinney people". They don't deserve to be treated poorly because of their bodies, just like skinney people don't need to be treated like they're the shit because of their bodies. People are too shallow these days.
The "scene":: I don't even understand "scene". Honestly, I don't. It just seems kinda overrated. Thats all. Bye.

Random Questions

What would you do if you could penetrate the ConeZone?:: Um. Ask me later.
If you could spend a day with one person dead or alive who would it be and why?:: I'll have to say my sister (R.I.P.). We only got to spend 16 years together, and you're supposed to be able to spend your whole life with your siblings.
What is your favourite possession? The American Flag I've got rolled up in my closet. The reason? It was draped over my dad's casket at his funeral, and it was given to me. That means a lot.
Tell us a secret?:: I fell onstage once when I was performing at a dance show for school. That's right suckas... I'm awesome!... ;)
What makes you special?:: My mommy tells me I'm special. :)
What are your fascinating hobbies?:: AHA! I don't have any! I'm a computer nerd. Thats about the most fascinating hobbie I have.
Moderator Coolschmool is actually certified as a Reverend, please make a confession:: I hate my stepdad.
You've got the GPA, but where is the dirty love?:: Right here, baby.
Tell us a joke (It better be good!)::

Promote us twice! Prove it!:: Promotion One and Promotion Two

Strike a pose!( three pictures darling)


These last three are from Halloween. :)

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