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sisters?? [
Sunday + April 9 2006

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

wanna be sisters??
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MOD// recreation [
Tuesday + October 4 2005

I am your new MOD, the names Kat!

So I was thinking about getting this place moving up again!
All members should start to promote and have tons of people join this communitie,
you will also gain 5 points!

Picture post [
Thursday + August 18 2005


Hey everyone!

Here are the pics from my wedding day! We just did the court thing right now and when he returns from Iraq next fall we're going to do a ceremony with friends and family


pics x-posted different places last weekCollapse )


p.s. I'll be making a couple more pics post, maybe some banners, and I'm thinking about a theme post too! 


Wednesday + August 17 2005

hey guys i redid the layout tell me what you think
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stamped//new pics [
Tuesday + July 5 2005

[ mood | accomplished ]

Why hello so I got really really bored and took pics...

Boredom=NEW PICSCollapse )

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