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Welcome to

This community is for Requesting anything to do with your journal(s) here.


// Icons for your journal

// Friends only signs

// HTML for your userinfo page like this

// HTML for your journal

// Basic Help with Live Journal

// Anything else that is possible and we can do

Basic Rules

// No fighting within the community

// No Advertising of other communities

// You must Credit for what is done for you

When Requesting for a Icon

// Give a picture that is 100x100 or Rough idea

// What colors you want used - Find a Hex color code for exact colors

// What font face + font size

// What is it be written in the icon

When Requesting for a Friends Only Sign

// Give a picture or give me rough idea

// What you want on the sign other than Friends Only

// Font face + font size + font colors

When Requesting for a layout for your Journal

// Font Colors

// Font Face

// Font Size

// Renaming Your Comment posting Eg Hug Lindsay

// Picture or whatever for your background

// Colors of your Scroll Bar at the side

// Where you want your Journal - Left Center Right

// What Type of cursos - Glow etc

// Etcs Dotted box your journal or transparent entries

When Requesting for o make your bio on your jorunal fancy

// Font Face + Font size + Font Colors

// Text which you want on your Bio

// Any pictures then tell me and leave them

// Links to anything else



// Name - Lindsay

// Email - purplestars_@hotmail.com



// Name - Tina

// Email - t_i_n_a69@msn.com


// Name - Shiv

// Email - x_black_kiss_x@hotmail.com


// Name - Katelyn

//E-mail - Kates-zibbie06@wi.rr.com

Programs used

// Ulead Animator GIF 5

// Paint

// Mircsoft Word

// Animation Shop 3

// Jasc Paint Shop Pro 3

When you have posted your request with all your details if its a icon i will leave it as a Comment but if it is HTML for either your Journal or the Bio on your userinfo then i will email it to you cause i wont have anyone giving me their passwords incase am blamed for going on someone journal when i shouldnt but if anyone wants me to do it i will - P.S not everything i do will be perfect but i will do my best


if anyone requests a layout or whatever only Maintainter or Co-Maintainer are allowed to do it.Any Problems Email one of us Thanx, No Members are allowed to do any requests.