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Your Details

Name: Nataliejoy♥
Age: 16
Location: Royal Oak//Clawson//Oxford, Michigan
Education/Occupation: junior in high school.
Status: committed.

About/describe you: im shy when im alone but if i have a friend with me im usually pretty outgoing. im real sweet when i want to be but if i feel threatened or if im just in a bad mood i tend to be a bitch and just about bite peoples heads off. i cant live without chapstick, not lip gloss, chapstick, because i hate having dry lips. i hate lip gloss a lot because it tends to make your lips look sticky and most of the time if its windy, your hair does get stuck to it. not cool. i went to seattle a couple years ago and fell in love with the weather. i dont like sunny days, the sun gives me headaches, i prefer thunderstorms over any other type of weather. rain isnt as good without lightning and thunder. i like snow for about a week, when we first get it, but then i hate it, unless it gives me a snowday. i dont like talking to most people about eating disorders, because i just get too worked up and mad when people dont understand. i especially hate it when people try and push their views on me, i dont do it to them so where is the justification in that? i definitely hate glossy colored print photos because fingerprints show up all over them, and they just dont look as nice, id prefer a black and white matted print photo over them. i love my birthday because i get presents and see my family and then four days later i get to go trick or treating and dress up all fun (yes i still go t.o.t-ing). autumn is my favorite month because its pretty and it smells good and the weather is just right. not to mention that its a perfect excuse to cuddle and make guys give you their jackets if your "cold".
this is definitely a long enough answer, so i will shut up.

General Interests

Music/bands rilo kiley + the blood brothers + EISLEY + straylight run + le tigre + bikini kill + the killers + the pixies + yeah yeah yeah's + hole + cat power + the distillers + bob marley + nirvana + the von bondies + blonde redhead + garbage + incubus + the pissants + the ruiners + monkey jacket + ok go + the violent femmes + the smiths + the doors + blondie + the clash + sleater-kinney + elvis costello + the velvet underground + sonic youth + the cute + the fags + 30 seconds to mars + atreyu + from autumn to ashes + pink floyd + led zeppelin + dashboard confessional + kittie + phantom planet + jimi hendrix + the beatles + the vines + thursday + the unseen + afi + operation ivy + bjork + the cramps + the kinks + the shins + my chemical romance + taking back sunday + saves the day + hot hot heat + sahara hot nights + chevelle + red hot chili peppers + rooney + jill jack + korn + mudhoney + metallica + marilyn manson + nine inch nails + screaming trees + sublime + temple of the dog + aerosmith + the melvins + the vaselines...a lot more.

Movies american history x + elephant + the rules of attraction + the nightmare before christmas + the brave little toaster + the wizard of oz + girl interrupted + uptown girls + stealing harvard + the notebook.

Television life as we know it + rockos modern life + legends of the hidden temple + boy meets world.

Role models mary kate olsen + kurt cobain + shirley manson + katie jane garside + kurt halsey + courtney love.

Likes waffles + love, Image hosted by Photobucket.com + smooth writing pens + the little mermaid + socks with slippers + sepia photos + halloween + matted printed photos + glasses + water + good music + kurt halsey + clean rooms with clothes on the floor + getting "new" bags of clothes from my best friend + sleepovers + cuddling + kissing + coffee early in the morning + sunday mornings + cool weather + gloomy days + seattle + jumping in piles of leaves + living in the city, but visiting the country + fireplaces + my boyfriend.
and i LOVE these socks....
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Dislikes ugly girls and boys + mosquitos + sweet potatos + florida + celery in my salad + milk + crunchy/hard new clothes + cheaters + contacts, definitely contacts + eyedrops + glossy printed photos + sunny days.

piercings or tattoos i have 5 holes in my ears, including this baby...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Views on

Hilary Duff/ Lindsay Lohan/ Ashlee Simpson: one at a time....
hilary duff: i dont really like her voice all that much but i did like her when she was on lizzie m. because i was a huge dork and watched it all the time. (hah i love the disney channel.)
lindsay lohan: shes a better actress than a singer. some clothes she wears are revealing and all but whatever, if she likes them she likes them and if she can pull it off good for her, all the power to her. i loved her in mean girls, if it wasnt for her in that movie i dont know if i would have liked it as much.
ashlee simpson: sometimes she comes off as "fake" but i think it might just be the "inner teen" (even though shes what 20?) in her. i dont like her acting because i just think it sucks, her commercial about the buffalo wing pizza proved that shes....not all that good. and i dont know if i really like her voice too much either, its kind of scratchy but thats not her fault. i like watching her show on mtv because it takes up a half hour of my time and sometimes its flat out funny or cute. she sort of reminds me of my friends and i, when shes acting all goofy or whatever. and she just seems like the girl that likes doing what she does because she actually likes it, not because it makes her money. good for her.

homosexuality?: i hate talking about this with close-minded people because most people stick to their opinion and base it off of the bible. i for one dont believe everything the bible says and i definitely do not believe that it is wrong to be homosexual. my best friends are gay and they seem to be the ones who are the better friends. if anyone is opposed to homosexuality it just proves that they are afraid of it in a way and do not want to accept the fact that god didnt make everyone perfect.

George Bush/ Tony blair: i dont support george bush or tony blair in any way shape or form. im just glad that i didnt have to vote for him because i would probably get much too worked up over it. im glad that the next election i can vote though, that way i will definitely put my two cents in so we dont get another dickhead for our president.


3 + PHOTO's
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
thats extremely small, i dont know why but its me and "my whores" on the teacups in disney world.

Your 150x200 photo for members page:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

where did you hear about this community: ________promote

anything else you wish to say?: talk shit, get hit. hah, i have a lot of free time on my hands on the weekends so if anyone ever needs help with layouts or anything just let me know, im always glad to make them because it helps other people out, and it takes some time off of my hands.

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